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The Ordona Province is one of six provinces found in Twilight Princess. This particular province serves as a home to the Ordonians, including Link himself. The province itself is quite small in comparison to the others, containing only four main areas. On the map of Hyrule, the Ordona Province can be found at the southernmost section. The main area within this section of the map is Ordon Village, which is the hometown of Link. This is where he has his house as well as friends. The Ordona Provice is connected to the southern section of the Faron Province, via a Bridge.

The Ordona Province is guarded by one of the four light spirits in Hyrule, Ordona. The general landscape of this province is grassland and forest, which bears similarities to its neighbouring province, Faron. However, as seen in Ordon Ranch, the landscape seems to be mountainous closely replicating a valley.


Other than at the very beginning of the game, there are only a few times where Link has to enter the Ordona Province. During the prologue, Link and the rest of Ordon are attacked by King Bulblin and his troops. He is dragged into Faron Province, which is now covered in Twilight; this subsequently transforms Link into a Wolf. After Link escapes from the jail deep within Hyrule Castle, a strange figure—named Midna—teleports herself and Link back to Ordon Village. The cursed Imp asks Link to retrieve the Ordon Sword and Shield. These weapons are actually supposed to be for Midna,[1] but she decides not to use them and instead holds on to them for Link. The young hero uses these weapons once back to his normal, Hylian form.[2]

Link visits this area once again when he has diminished the Twilight from Eldin Province. In an attempt to climb up Death Mountain and reach the Goron Mines, Link is outpowered by the Gorons. After failing and returning to Kakariko Village, Renado, the shaman of the village, meets with Link and tells him that the Gorons only recognize strength, thus a normal person would not be able to persuade them.[3]. However, he tells Link of one person he knew that was able to match the Gorons, Mayor Bo.[4][5] With this new found knowledge, Link returns to the Ordona Province and asks Bo about this matter, at which time he reveals his secret to besting the Gorons, the Iron Boots. This trip turns out to be the final mandatory one to Ordona Province in the game.

The Ordona Province is also home to one of the seven Hidden Skills. After Link has used the Howling Stone on the trail up to Death Mountain, the Golden Wolf appears. This is the second Hidden Skill in the game and Link is taught the Shield Attack.

Points of Interest


  • The Ordona Province is the most southern province in Twilight Princess. It is also the smallest.
  • The Ordona Province is most likely named after the Light Spirit that guards it, Ordona.
  • According to some references in-game, the Ordona Province may be a separate province outside of Hyrule entirely.[6][7]
  • On the map of Hyrule from Twilight Princess, there is some Hylian writing next to the Ordona Province that translates to "Latoan". This is because the Japanese version of Twilight Princess uses the English translation of "Latoan", which all of the other versions besides the English version use a variation of it.


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