Telma's Bar

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Telma's Bar is a location in Twilight Princess. It is situated to the southeast of Castle Town on the South Road. Within the confines of the bar is the owner Telma and her cat, as well as the local Postman and the cowardly Hylian Soldiers. The bar is also used by a courageous group known as The Resistance, who use the bar as a means to hangout and discuss their plans to secretly save Hyrule.


Link first comes across the bar while in his Wolf form, as he tries to rid the Lanayru Province from perpetual Twilight. Wolf Link is led to the bar by the Scent of Ilia. Inside he finds the helpless spirits of Telma, Ilia and the severely injured Prince Ralis. However, Link in Wolf form can't currently do anything about the situation. Instead, he goes to look at the map situated on the large table which seems to point towards Lake Hylia, the hero's next destination.

When the young hero has returned the Light to Lanayru Province he can return to the bar and confront his childhood friend, Ilia. However, Ilia seems too concerned with the young and injured Prince Ralis to acknowledge Link. Link must then find a way of reviving the young Prince. Telma, the owner of the bar, tells Link of a shaman in Kakariko Village; a figure who Link previously met, Renado. Link must successfully escort Telma, Ilia and Prince Ralis to the safe confines of the village.

Later on in the main quest Link encounters the Shadow King, Zant. The evil figure injures Midna and curses the young hero in the process. Now helpless, Midna tells Link to go meet with Princess Zelda in Hyrule Castle, as she knows the secret to unlock the curse. Link, now stuck in Wolf form, must find a way to enter the castle. Outside Telma's Bar he converses with Telma's Cat, Louise, who tells him that there is a secret passageway located in the bar. Due to Link being in Wolf form, he is now seen as a mere beast among the people of the bar. Due to this, Link must quietly sneak across the bar and to the hidden passageway, which later leads to the Castle Town Sewers.

Once Link has unlocked his form with the help of acquiring the Master Sword, the young hero then meets with the members of The Resistance. The group reveal to Link their plans to save Hyrule. The group then proceed to tell the young hero of hidden places across Hyrule, which prove to be pivotal locations later on in the game. Within the group lies a familiar face to Link in the form of Rusl, who Link knows from his home town of Ordon.