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This article is about the dungeon from Twilight Princess. For the stage from Hyrule Warriors, see Palace of Twilight (Hyrule Warriors).

The Palace of Twilight is the eighth and penultimate dungeon in Twilight Princess. It is the only dungeon in the game located in the Twilight Realm, and features Zant as its Boss. The Palace itself seems to be the only notable point of interest within the Twilight Realm and is the place where the Royal Family of the Twili once resided. The inhabitants that surround the Palace have been transformed into mindless Shadow Beasts by the devilish work of Zant. The dungeon itself is split up into three sections, which are in fact three separate palaces. The opposing palaces house the sacred power of the Twili, the Sols, while in the center lies the main palace where the King of Shadows, Zant resides.


The first task Link faces in this dungeon is to return the two Sols to the entrance of the Palace. To do this, he must first fight Phantom Zant and then carry the Sol out of the dungeon while being chased by Zant's Hand, which act a little bit like Wallmasters. He must do this twice, on each side of the dungeon to get both Sols. Link can now use their power to upgrade his sword with the Sols' light, allowing him to cut through the darkness which is abundant in the dungeon.[1] He can use the light-infused Master Sword to quickly get to the Boss Chamber of the dungeon, where Zant is there, waiting. Zant tells Link and Midna the story behind his power, how he found his so-called God,[2] and how he has been using Ganondorf's power in an attempt to merge shadow and light, to make darkness.[3] After story-time is over, Link and Zant fight to the death, Light vs. Twilight. After Link has defeated Zant, he can re-acquire the Fused Shadows and head over to Hyrule Castle.


Below is a list of all the enemies Link will encounter as he searches for Zant through the Palace of Twilight.

Phantom Zant

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Phantom Zand.png

The Mini-Boss of the Palace of Twilight is known as Phantom Zant. Link in fact battles Phantom Zant twice, both times he is protecting a Sol. The battles mainly consists of Phantom Zant constantly disappearing and reappearing at random spots around the room. His main attack is to summon a Twilit Ball that creates a Twilight Portal. These warp portals release a large number of either Shadow Keese, Shadow Deku Baba, or Shadow Vermins. The best strategy is for Link to defeat the enemies and then look around the room for Phantom Zant and then attack him. Defeating him allow the young hero access to the Sol, which is being held on to by Zant's Hand. The second battle is more difficult then the first, as in the second battle Phantom Zant stays in a static position for a shorter time, minimizing the amount of time Link has to find him and attack.

Usurper King: Zant

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The boss of the Palace of Twilight is known as the Usurper King: Zant. Being one of the final bosses of the game, Zant puts up a pretty good fight against Link. Up to this point, Link has only ever seen Zant in person twice; the first time would be directly after Link defeats Morpheel for the final Fused Shadow, where he takes away the recently gained Fused Shadow and curses both Midna and Link. The second time was right before Link defeated Stallord, where Zant revived Stallord in hope it would kill Link. This is the third, and last, time Link encounters Zant. Upon entrance to the Boss Chamber, which looks a lot like a throne room, Zant tells Link his story; how he overthrew Midna for the crown with his borrowed Triforce of Power, how he plans to merge the light and shadow to create a world of darkness,[3] which he will rule. After he is done, they ingage in a battle, one that is unlike any Link has been involved in. There are six different phases in this battle and each one takes place in a previous Boss or Mini-Boss room. The only exception is the final phase, which takes place in the Hyrule Field south of Castle Town. After Zant has been defeated, he calls Link and Midna traitors,[4] and states to Midna that she will never be able to return to her true form.[5] Midna erupts with anger, and finishes off Zant once and for all with the power she holds as the Twilight Princess. After seeing what she can do with only a shard of her ancestors powers, she is completely shocked.[6] Link and Midna proceed to take the Fused Shadows, and agree that they must go find Ganondorf, who Zant told has been reborn in the Light World.[7] They leave, having ridding them of Zant for good.

Dungeon Items

The Palace of Twilight houses the same four Dungeon Items that every dungeon in Twilight Princess has; the Dungeon Map, the Compass, the Big Key, and the Small Keys. There is one of each of these, the only exception being the Small Keys, where there is a Twilight Princess record seven Small Keys.

Dungeon Map

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Dungeon Map - TPHD icon.png

The Dungeon Map has been a standard Dungeon Item in every 3D Zelda game since the first 3D Zelda game, Ocarina of Time. It is basically a map of the dungeon that shows every room, of every floor, of the dungeon. It is great for reference when Link gets lost and for seeing all the rooms that have yet to be searched. It is found in a Treasure Chest on the west, or east in the GCN version, of the dungeon. It is located on a high platform, and thus Link requires the Double Clawshots to reach.


Main article: Compass
Compass - TPHD icon.png

The Compass has multiple different uses, all of which are very helpful. Firstly, the Compass can detect the location of every Treasure Chest in the dungeon, as well as the Boss of the dungeons location. It is found in one of the first Treasure Chests Link finds on his way to the first Sol. The chest only appears after Link has defeated the multiple Zant Mask in the room.

Big Key

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Big Key - TPHD icon.png

The Big Key is used to unlock the door that leads to the throne room, where the Boss of the Palace of Twilight, Zant, lies. It can be found in a Treasure Chest that is at the later end of the dungeon, in the outdoor room just before the Boss room.

Small Keys

Main article: Small Key

There is an abundance of Small Keys located in the Palace of Twilight, seven to be exact. They are all used to unlock the seven locked doors that block Link's way through the dungeon. If Link opens a Treasure Chest in the Palace of Twilight, there is a 40% chance he will find a Small Key, which is a rather large number for one of the Dungeon Items.

Treasure Chests

There are seventeen total Treasure Chests located in the Palace of Twilight. Link can open these chests to gain a variety of items that can greatly help him on his quest to save Hyrule. These items include Rupees, Dungeon Items and Pieces of Heart.


There are a grand total of five Treasure Chests located in the Palace of Twilight that contain any amount of Rupees. The first of these chests contain a single Orange Rupee. In Twilight Princess, an Orange Rupee is worth one hundred Rupees. The remaining four Treasure Chests all hold a single Purple Rupee, which is worth 50 Rupees. In total, Link can collect 300 Rupees in the Palace of Twilight.

Dungeon Items

All four of the Dungeon Items can be found in a Treasure Chest. The Dungeon Items include the Dungeon Map, the Compass, the Big Key, and all seven Small Keys.

Pieces of Heart

Main article: Twilight Princess Heart Pieces

The Palace of Twilight houses two Pieces of Heart, exactly like every other dungeon in Twilight Princess. Both of the Heart Pieces require the light-infused Master Sword or a Sol to reach.



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