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The City in the Sky is the seventh dungeon in Twilight Princess. This city was previously built by an ancient race known as the Oocca, long before the events of Twilight Princess. Due to the Oocca being the closest race to the gods, the city may have been used as a ways of communication or worship. The Oocca used to keep contact with the Hylians through the appearance of the Sky Cannon. However, through time contact between the two races has diminished and the city has become largely abandoned.


Link enters the City in the Sky with use of the Sky Cannon, which is his prize for completing a rather lengthy, yet crucial, quest, where Link must complete the Ancient Sky Book by finding six hidden Owl Statues that each hide a Sky Character. Retrieving all the Sky Characters allows Link entrance to the room where the Sky Cannon is, in the basement of the Sanctuary. Link is searching the dungeon in hopes of finding the final Mirror Shard, as directed by the Ancient Sages, who told him that the shard is located in the heavens.[2]

Within this dungeon, Link encounters numerous Ooccas along the walls and on the floor. He can use them very similarly to Cuccos as a method of transportation over large gaps. As he searches the dungeon, he finds himself trapped in a room with an Aeralfos, who acts as the Mini-Boss of the dungeon. He can defeat it using his Clawshot and the Master Sword. After defeating it, the young hero is rewarded with another Clawshot, giving him the Double Clawshots! He can use the Double Clawshots to gain access to the areas of the City in the Sky that were previously unreachable, including the place where the Mirror Shard lies. The Mirror Shard is being guarded by the Boss of the City in the Sky, who is known as the Twilit Dragon: Argorok. Defeating Argorok gifts Link with the fourth and final Mirror Shard.


Here is a listing of all the enemies Link encounters as he searches the City in the Sky for the final Mirror Shard.


Main article: Aeralfos

The Mini-Boss of the City in the Sky is known as an Aeralfos. It is a lizard-like creature that wears an iron mask and carries a sword and shield. It also has the ability to fly, which it takes advantage off against Link. The battle against the Aeralfos takes place in a large, rectangular shaped room that has a very high ceiling. The high ceiling is an advantage for the Aeralfos, as it can use its wings to fly high above Link and surprise him with an attack. Conveniently, the Aeralfos' shield is exactly like the Clawshot targets Link has used his Clawshot on in the past. Because of this, Link can use the Clawshot to grab the shield and bring it, and its holder, to the ground, where he can attack with his Sword. Defeating the Aeralfos grants Link a second Clawshot as a reward, and when combined with his other Clawshot he creates the Double Clawshots. Later on in the dungeon, Link faces off against two Aeralfoses at once. Also, the Aeralfos also makes an appearance in the Cave of Ordeals and in the final dungeon of the game, Hyrule Castle.

Twilit Dragon: Argorok

Main article: Argorok

The Boss of the City in the Sky is known as the Twilit Dragon: Argorok. It is a very large dragon with huge wings and that wears tons of black, shiny, and hard armor all around its body. The battle takes place on the highest platform of the City in the Sky, where Link can look over the edge and see the entire City in the Sky directly in front of him. As with most Bosses in The Legend of Zelda series, the dungeon Item, the Double Clawshots, are required to defeat Argorok. The first phase of the battle is all about removing the armor to reach Argorok's weakspot, a shiny orb on its back. The second phase is about punishing the weakspot with attacks from the Master Sword. Once Argorok has been defeated, the young hero is rewarded with a Heart Container as well as the fourth and final Mirror Shard. With the fourth Mirror Shard in hand, Link has finally restored the Mirror of Twilight to its former form. Link can now use the Mirror of Twilight to enter the Twilight Realm, where Midna believes Zant lies.

Dungeon Items

The City in the Sky features the main four Dungeon Items that every dungeon in Twilight Princess has, the Dungeon Map, the Compass, the Big Key, and a Small Key.

Dungeon Map

Main article: Dungeon Map
Dungeon Map - TPHD icon.png

The Dungeon Map is used to show Link exactly how the City in the Sky is laid out, with each room drawn to scale. This becomes very useful to Link as he searches through the City in the Sky for the last Mirror Shard. Link can find the Dungeon Map in a Treasure Chest in the very large room that spans multiple floors to the west, or east in the GCN version, of the City in the Sky.


Main article: Compass
Compass - TPHD icon.png

The Compass is used to show Link the location of every Treasure Chest on his map, as well as the location of the Boss of the City in the Sky, Argorok. It can be found in one of the first couple of rooms available to Link directly after he gets the Double Clawshots.

Big Key

Big Key - TPHD icon.png
Main article: Big Key

The Big Key is used to unlock the door that leads to the Boss Chamber, where Argorok lies. This key is found in one of the final Treasure Chests that Link opens on his way to the final Mirror Shard, in the room directly above the main room of the dungeon.

Small Keys

Main article: Small Key

The Small Key is used to unlock the locked door that is on the other side of the bridge that is west (Wii) of the main room of the dungeon. The Key itself is located in a Treasure Chest that is on the other side of the bridge to the east (Wii) of the large main room.

Treasure Chests

Throughout the City in the Sky, there are twenty-four total Treasure Chests that Link can open to gain a variety of items. These chests are located all around the dungeon, from the bottom of a pool of water to behind a fan, there are all very well hidden. The chests contain items that can be grouped into five main categories, Rupees, Regular Items, Dungeon Items, Equipment, and Pieces of Heart.


Of the twenty-four Treasure Chests located in the City in the Sky, exactly half (12) of them contain any amount of Rupees. Of these twelve chests, two of them carry a single Yellow Rupee, which in Twilight Princess is worth 10 Rupees. The next six chests all contain a Red Rupee, which throughout The Legend of Zelda series has always been worth 20 Rupees. The remaining four Treasure Chests all contain a Purple Rupee, which is worth a profitable 50 Rupees. In total, Link can collect at least 340 Rupees just from Treasure Chests in the City in the Sky.

Regular Items

There are five total Treasure Chests located in the City in the Sky that contain any type of Regular Item. The first of these chests carry 15 Water Bombs, which ironically are never used in the City in the Sky. The next two both carry 20 Arrows, which are useful as Link can use the Hero's Bow often to defeat flying enemies, such as a Keese or Kargarok. The final two both carry Bombs, however, they each carry a different amount of Bombs. The first carries ten Bombs, while the second only carries five.


There is but a single Treasure Chest located in the City in the Sky that carries any type of Equipment. It carries the Dungeon Item of the City in the Sky, the second Clawshot, which when combined with Link's other Clawshot becomes the Double Clawshots.

Pieces of Heart

Main article: Twilight Princess Heart Pieces

The final two Treasure Chests located in the City in the Sky both carry a Piece of Heart. The first one doesn't require any specific item to get, Link just needs to know where to go. The second one requires the Double Clawshots. For more detail on their locations, visit the Twilight Princess Heart Pieces page.


  • Hyrule Historia mentions a possible connection between the City in the Sky and Skyloft. However, it says any relation with each other is unknown.[3]


    A city in the heavens where an ancient civilization, the Oocca, flourishes.
    " — Hyrule Historia, pg. 116
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