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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
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Japan 日本語 マスターソード
France Française Épée de Légende
Spain Español Espada Maestra
Germany Deutsch Master-Schwert
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"The Master Sword is a sacred blade which evil ones may never touch.... Only one worthy of the title of "Hero of Time" can pull it from the Pedestal of Time...."


The Master Sword, also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, is a recurring Sword in The Legend of Zelda series. It is one of the most iconic items of the series, along with Link himself. In many games, it is said to be the only sword capable of defeating Ganon. This legendary blade is blessed with the power to vanquish beings of evil and is often found in the Pedestal of Time. It has become one of the most iconic symbols of The Legend of Zelda series, often appearing in other video games.


The Master Sword was forged from the Goddess Sword, a blade originally wielded by the Goddess, Hylia. During the events of Skyward Sword, Link is revealed as Hylia's chosen hero and removes the blade from its pedestal on the floating island of Skyloft.

The sword is tied with a guardian entity known as Fi, a being created by Hylia to guide the chosen hero. Fi helps Link in the forging of the Master Sword. This is done by imbuing the blade with three Sacred Flames which represent Din, Nayru and Farore respectively.

Each sacred flame increases the properties of the sword as well as the shape and structure. Farore's Flame forges the Goddess Sword into the Goddess Longsword, a longer and sharper blade that does double damage. Nayru's Flame makes the Goddess Longsword into the Goddess White Sword, making the color of the hilt white and enhancing dowsing abilities. Din's Flame changes the Goddess White Sword into the Master Sword. The hilt turns purple and green and the blade does three times the damage. However, the wings on the side of the hilt are not extended, and the yellow gem in the middle is not glowing. These are indicators that the sword is not yet in its true form.

The Goddess Hylia blesses the blade and turns it into the True Master Sword. Skyward Strikes now charge much faster.


The Master Sword is a double-edged longsword with no fuller and blue hilt, although in the artwork for A Link to the Past, the hilt of the sword is golden. The sword's cross-guard is large and elaborate in relation to its pommel, and is similar to the seal of Hyrule's Royal Family. The Triforce is engraved on the base of the blade, and embedded in the cross-guard is a gem.

In The Wind Waker, the state of the gem in cross-guard seems to be indicative of the sword's power. When Link first acquires the un-awakened Master Sword, the gem in its cross-guard is dark, and the guard itself seems to have retracted toward the grip. Only once the sword has been restored to its full power does its hilt regain its signature appearance, and its blade again shines a mysterious light. In Twilight Princess, the Master Sword is much longer and slimmer.


A Link to the Past

The Master Sword as seen in A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, the Master Sword is obtained by collecting the three Pendants of Virtue from the three temples in the Light World across Hyrule. Once Link has them, he finds the Master Sword in the Lost Woods. In this game, the Master Sword can be upgraded to the Tempered Sword and the Golden Sword. In the GBA version, the Golden Sword can break pots.

Ocarina of Time

The Master Sword as seen in Ocarina of Time 3D

In Ocarina of Time, Link obtains the Master Sword in the Temple of Time from the Pedestal of Time. Link needs to place the three Spiritual Stones on the temple's altar, which can be found in the three dungeons from the Child Timeline across Hyrule. Sheik describes the blade as a ship that sails across time; obviously referencing the ability of it to take Link back and forth between childhood and adulthood. After defeating Ganon, Link places the Master Sword back into its pedestal. This creates a split in the timeline.

Oracle of Seasons

The Master Sword as seen in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

The Master Sword is the final upgrade of the Wooden Sword and can only be obtained in a Linked Game with Oracle of Ages.

Oracle of Ages

The Master Sword as seen in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

The Master Sword is the final upgrade of the Wooden Sword and can only be obtained in a Linked Game with Oracle of Seasons.

Four Swords 25th Anniversary Edition

The Master Sword as seen in Four Swords 25th Anniversary Edition

The Master Sword is obtained after completing the Realm of Memories. It allows Link to shoot Sword Beams.

The Wind Waker

The Master Sword in its weakened state in The Wind Waker
In The Wind Waker, Link finds the Master Sword underneath the Great Sea within Hyrule Castle in the drowned land of Hyrule. After his first face-to-face encounter with Ganondorf, he is told that the Master Sword has lost its power. To restore the Master Sword to its former glory, Link must awaken the new Sages of earth and wind.
The Master Sword powered with the prayers of the Sage of Earth

After awakening Medli as the new Earth Sage, Link takes her to the Earth Temple. Upon defeating Jalhalla, Link and Medli play the Earth God's Lyric and restore power partially to the Master Sword.

The Master Sword returns!
After awakening Makar as the new Wind Sage, Link then travels with him to the Wind Temple. Upon defeating Molgera, Link and Makar play the Wind God's Aria. With the prayers of both Sages, the Master Sword returns to its true state.

Twilight Princess

Link removing the Master Sword from its pedestal in Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Link obtains the Master Sword after getting cursed by Zant, causing Link to remain permanently as a wolf. The Master Sword is the only thing that can break the curse and it lies in a place called the Sacred Grove.

Later in the game, upon entering the Palace of Twilight, Link infuses the Master Sword with light. This light comes from the light sources of the Twilight Realm known as Sols. Once infused with light, the Master Sword can cut through veils of twilight which normally would transform Link into a wolf upon exposure. The light vanishes from the sword upon leaving the Twilight Realm, but returns to the sword upon re-entry.

Skyward Sword

Upon exposure to Din's flame, the Goddess White Sword becomes the Master Sword in Skyward Sword
Skyward Sword explains the creation of the Master Sword. It was originally known as the Goddess Sword wielded by the Goddess, Hylia. The blade was exposed to three Sacred Flames and blessed by the Goddess, turning it into the True Master Sword. In comparison to the Goddess Longsword, it deals twice the damage. Each slash can deal 16 points of damage. The Spin Slash deals 24 points of damage and the Skyward Strike deals 8 points of damage.
The Master Sword in its true state after being blessed by Hylia

In this game, the Master Sword also has the ability to shoot beams of light and can search for people or items. This is likely due to the presence of Fi, the spirit inside the sword.

A Link Between Worlds

Link obtaining the Master Sword from the Lost Woods in A Link Between Worlds

The Master Sword makes an appearance in A Link Between Worlds, and is found in the same location as A Link to the Past. It can be found in the Lost Woods and cannot be obtained until after Link has collected the Pendants of Virtue and finds his way through the woods. It is needed to break the barrier around Hyrule Castle.

The Master Sword replaces the Forgotten Sword and features enhanced strength over his previous sword, and like its prequel, a sword beam can be shot out of the Master Sword whenever Link has full health. It can be upgraded to deal more damage if Link acquires two Master Ores and gives them to the Blacksmith in Hyrule, and he can further upgrade the Master Sword if he takes two more Master Ores to the Blacksmith in Lorule. When upgraded, the Master Sword Lv2 has a red blade while the Master Sword Lv3 has a golden blade, much like the Tempered Sword and the Golden Sword respectively in A Link to the Past.

Breath of the Wild

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

In Breath of the Wild, the Master Sword can be found in its pedestal in the Korok Forest, guarded by the Great Deku Tree. The Great Deku Tree reveals to Link that if a person deemed to be weak attempts to draw the Master Sword from its pedestal, they will slowly lose their life. This means that Link must be powerful enough to draw the blade from its slumber and, unlike any previous incarnation, he requires at least thirteen hearts to successfully retrieve the sword (These hearts must be permanent heart capsules: using consumables that temporarily increase your maximum hearts will not allow you to obtain the Master Sword). Upon taking the sword, Link will obtain a memory of the sword being placed in the pedestal; however, this memory is not actually Link's, rather, it is Princess Zelda's. Zelda placed the sword in its resting place after Link's death, where the hero would come to retrieve it once more after his slumber in the Shrine of Resurrection.

The Master Sword has a base strength of 30 damage, initially leaving it outclassed by a multitude of other single-handed weapons. Its true power, however, comes in the presence of evil when Link ventures to certain areas or draws near certain enemies. This includes all guardian variations and the entirety of Hyrule Castle, where Ganon's presence is most powerful. The blade will glow with a blue aura, and its strength will boost to 60 damage, making it the most powerful single-handed weapon in the game.

Like all other weapons in Breath of the Wild, it can be rendered unusable after extensive use. However, it is special in that the Sword will never break, or disappear from the inventory after obtaining it. After the Sword loses its power from extensive use, it will auto-repair itself gradually and return to normal after some time. When the Master Sword is engulfed in its true power, it will gain a huge durability boost.

The Master Sword plays a prominent role in Link's memories, and is once again indicated to only be usable by the chosen hero. During Link's final memory, and Zelda's memory when the Sword is retrieved, it is shown to be in a severely damaged and rusted condition, something that has not been seen in any previous Zelda game. After being placed into its resting spot by Princess Zelda, the Sword gradually regained its luster and restored itself to its most powerful state.

After Link's death during his final memory, the sword begins to flash blue and emit a sound that is the same as Fi's in Skyward Sword, indicating that she is still present within the blade. Fi speaks to Princess Zelda, and tells her that Link can still be saved by taking him to the Shrine of Resurrection, where he can fully recover to fight Calamity Ganon once more.

Non-Canon Appearances

Soul Calibur II

In the fighting game Soul Calibur II, the Master Sword is Link's default weapon. Link starts with this weapon, along with the Hylian Shield, and it is the most well balanced of all his weapons. The Master Sword is also used when combined with the Mirror Shield.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Master Sword can be obtained from fortune cookies in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as it appears in Skyward Sword. It is a furniture item that can be displayed in one's house. It is in its pedestal when placed in a house.

Hyrule Warriors

The Master Sword is found in the Temple of the Sacred Sword. It has a Light element, and 300 base power.

"The legendary blade of evil's bane. Only the chosen hero can wield this sword. When attacking with full health, your strikes gain a little extra oomph!"

— In-Game Description