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Calm Bertie's baby


The Rattle is a sidequest item that appears in Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword

See also: "Bertie's Missing Rattle" sidequest

The rattle belongs to the baby of Luv and Bertie. Taken by a bird[1], it sits in a nest above Skyloft; it can be reached by jumping off of a platform at the top of the waterfall, requiring the Double Clawshots to get to.

After losing the Rattle, Bertie can no longer sleep because the baby keeps him up at night.[2][3] Link can locate the Rattle and bring it back to Bertie, who will use it to put the baby to sleep.[4][5] He thanks Link and gives him five Gratitude Crystals.[6]


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  2. "The baby just goes on and on like this all night. I haven't slept a wink in... Ahhh... I don't even know how long. The baby usually sleeps like a sack of rocks. But that was before we lost the you know what...
    No, what? :Oh, that?" — Bertie, Skyward Sword.
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