Luv and Bertie's Baby

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This name is conjectural, decided by fans in lieu of an official source.
Luv and Bertie's Baby
Model of Luv and Bertie's Baby



Female[citation needed]



Luv and Bertie's Potion Shop
Bertie and Luv's House



Luv (Mother)
Bertie (Father)

Luv and Bertie's Baby is a character from Skyward Sword. She[citation needed] is the daughter of Bertie and Luv, the owners of the Potion Shop in the Bazaar.

Skyward Sword

The baby is constantly throwing fits because of her missing Rattle. During the day she is located in the Bazaar with Bertie, and at night she is at home, still throwing fits and not falling asleep, which is evidently annoying Bertie, who cannot go to sleep because he is preoccupied with his child; although her mother Luv sleeps soundly.

If Bertie is talked to at home, at night, he says the baby is throwing fits because her Rattle is missing. If Link can find the Rattle for her, she will be happy. The Rattle was taken by a bird, who keeps it up by their nest near the waterfall. Link must get it back to her, by using the Double Clawshots. If he does, he will receive five Gratitude Crystals from Bertie, who can finally get her to go to sleep.


Main article: Luv

Her mother is Luv, who according to Fi, likes to eat and sleep, and is a bold woman, unlike her husband.

Main article: Bertie

Her father is Bertie, who according to Fi, is in charge of taking care of his child.