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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Battle Quest



United States November 18, 2012
Europe November 30, 2012
Australia November 30, 2012
Japan December 8, 2012






The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest is one of 12 "attractions" that make up Nintendo Land, a release title for the Nintendo Wii U, showcasing a variety of possibilities for asynchronous gameplay between the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remotes. Nintendo Land features minigames derived from 12 of Nintendo's top franchises, including The Legend of Zelda. Battle Quest is a minigame that allows one player using a bow controlled by the Wii U GamePad to adventure alongside up to three sword-wielding players using Wii Remotes.

This is not a full Zelda game, but a Zelda-themed minigame. Instead of Link, players control their Miis in outfits befitting Hyrulean adventurers. However, the game does feature several iconic items such as the Master Sword, the Hero's Bow, and the Triforce.


Battle Quest can be played with one to four players. The first player uses the GamePad to control an archer character who can pick off enemies at a distance or activate inaccessible switches, while the remaining players fight using swords controlled with Wii Remotes. All players move automatically along a linear, enemy-and-puzzle-infested path toward their destination.

In multiplayer mode, the game demonstrates the asynchronous gameplay made possible through the Wii U's unique GamePad. The player using the GamePad will have a different gameplay experience from the players using Wii Remotes. All players work together with pooled health to combat enemies and tackle obstacles.


Single Player Archery

Various motion sensors in the GamePad, inlcuding a gyroscope, allow the archer player to look around the environment by moving the controller like a view finder. The left analog stick also controls the horizontal rotation of the camera. The GamePad screen displays how much health and how many arrows the player has left.

To fire an arrow, the player pulls down on the right analog stick and releases. Holding it down for a few seconds charges a powerful shot which deals extra damage and pierces through enemies. While charging a shot, the Mii will not move forward. This can be used strategically to pause progress and look around or carefully aim at unaware enemies from afar. Once the player runs out of arrows, he or she must lay the GamePad horizontal to refill the quiver.


Like Skyward Sword, the players' swords use Wii MotionPlus to enable direct control of the swords' movements. Pressing 'B' halts Link's movement and raises his or her shield. Enemies are targeted automatically, but players can switch targets by pressing 'A'. If the sword is held aloft for a few seconds, it will build energy and enable the next attack to become a powerful Spin Attack, which has a wide range and can break wooden shields.

Game Modes

Upon entering the Battle Quest attraction, players can choose between two modes: Quest mode for 1-4 players, or Time Attack mode for 1 player. On the Attraction Tour, players take turns completing a stage in Time Attack mode.


Quest mode is available for one to four players, one of which can be an archer. Solo players can choose to play as an archer or a swordsman. There are nine standard quests that players can challenge, defeating enemies along the way to discovering the Triforce. Players can achieve Master Rank on these stages by completing them without taking any damage. Players should try to master each stage as both an archer and a swordsman, though only one per stage is necessary to contribute to the attraction's progress (which has a maximum of 200%).

The stages in this mode include:

  • Standard Quests
  • Extra Quests

Time Attack

In Time Attack mode, one player races against the clock to defeat all of the enemies using the Hero's Bow. It can be played on three different stages. Rather than moving through the stage, the player stays in place while waves of enemies approach. Each stage contains 25 enemies, and a stage is Mastered once it is completed within 40 seconds.

  • Beginner Stage
  • Intermediate Stage
  • Advanced Stage

In the Beginner Stage, the player must shoot down 25 enemies within the setting of The Grasslands. It's a straightforward battle with all of the enemies appearing in front of the player. The enemies in this stage include:

  • 5 Moblins
  • 5 Red ChuChus
  • 3 Moblins
  • 2 Shield Moblins
  • 2 Kargoroks
  • 4 Moblins & 2 Shield Moblins
  • 2 Archer Moblins



Nintendo Land uses a variety rewards for accomplishments in each attraction. Players are encouraged to become Star Players in each attraction, and to collect stamps for specific achievements. Also, playing through attractions earns Nintendo Land Coins which can be used to earn additional random prizes.

Star Player

Those who complete all nine standard quests are recognized as Star Players for the Battle Quest attraction.


The ten stamps for this attraction, and the requirements to obtain them, are as follows:

Stamp Requirement
100 Rupees Collect 100 Rupees (total).
1000 Rupees Collect 1000 Rupees (total).
Triforce Collector Complete all nine standard quests.
Quest Master Complete all five extra quests.
Legendary Hero Master all standard and extra quests.
Time Attack
Stamp Requirement
Beginner: Finish within 50 Sec.
Intermediate: Finish within 50 Sec.
Advanced: Finish within 50 Sec.
Finish All Stages within 45 Sec.
Speed Master Master all stages.


There are a number of statues that appear within the Plaza of Nintendo Land. These statues are earned after collecting coins and then playing the Plinko-like game in the center of the Plaza.

Statue Monita's description
Big Moblin These massive Moblins are three times the size of standard, garden-variety Moblins, which is the cause of much envy among the Moblin community. When Big Moblins swing their clubs, they leave themselves open to counterattack.
Bird Some believe that these odd birds developed round bodies from excessive rest. It's also possible that they merely ingested something spherical.
Bomb Stack Esteemed visitors, please refrain from detonating explosives when your friends are nearby. But don't worry about these bombs--I'm mostly sure it's just a display unit.
Boulder This explosives-filled boulder is made for rolling down slopes. I highly suggest you shoot it BEFORE it reaches you.
ChuChu Despite looking soft and adorable, these creatures can deliver a nasty surprise. Chuchu jelly is medicinal, but don't get any brilliant ideas--Nintendo Land Chuchus are 100% jelly free.
Deku Tree This is a faithful re-creation of the great forest guardian, the Deku Tree. Are you feeling exhausted? How would you like to kick back and take a rest under the canopy of the Deku Tree? No, that wouldn't be terrifying at all.
Eye Switch This eye stares unnervingly until you hit it and trigger the switch mechanism. But sometimes I can't really tell if it's done anything. Maybe it should spend less time leering and intimidating and more time being productive.
Ganon This evil lord supposedly possesses the Triforce. Just when you expect him to attack from afar...SURPRISE! He's right beside you. Which isn't nice at all.
Goron This magnificant statue is modeled after the Gorons, a hardy race said to live in rocky, mountainous regions. I'm sure they excel at bowling.
Grassland Tree These trees are said to have graces the skyline of Hyrule. I'm not botanist, but I must say...that is one handsome tree.
Heart This is always a source of relief when it finally appears. I heartily recommend this statue as a romantic meeting point if you're planning a date here at the park!
Hero's Bow This bow can be used to take down enemies from a great distance. It shines brightly when charged. You'll feel like the hero of Hyrule with this in your hands. Trust me, I know.
Jar This is a jar. It is entirely unremarkable in every way. Those familiar with The Legend of Zelda series should know that they exist solely for one purpose: to be smashed!
Kargorok These oversensitive birds can be calmly gliding one moment, then furiously dive-bombing you the next. These creatures can deflate a balloon faster than I can deflate a joke.
Keese Keese are bat-like monsters usually found in dark places. If you get close, they will head right for you and then fly off somewhere. How rude!
Master Sword This legendary sword is imbued with awe-inspiring magical power and can only be wielded by the righteous. That means if you've been very naughty, you probably won't be able to use it.
Moblin This common, generally unfriendly enemy is found on the plains and in forests. When you happen upon a group of them brandishing their clubs and they turn and look at's pretty scary.
Quick Moblin This speedster is famed for the speed of its attack. They seem to be quite proud of their athletic physiques. Perhaps they should stop menacing travelers and channel their energy into careers in professional athletics.
Rupee Enemies drop these beautiful gemstones. Their color seems to determine their worth, but I can't understand why nobody wants the green ones.
Skull This is an ancient, bleached skull. I don't know who this belonged to, but the probability of it belonging to one of my ancestors is...definitely zero. Sometimes I'm grateful for being 100% boneless.
Skulltula This creature's back is so hard, it could withstand an elephant stomp. But with such a soft underbelly, you surely know what to do.
Stalfos These monsters are made of nothing but bones. Sometimes it seems like they vanish into the ground and warp through the earth. Did I mention that bones are scary?
Switch Made with a state-of-the-art, space-age glass material, these switches can withstand just about anything. It does make a robot girl wonder, though--since when do switches get all the high-tech glass?
Tektite Tektites are equipped with gyrosensors to prevent them from getting dizzy. Don't even bother attacking their hard outer shells--try to slice through gaps or shoot straight for the eye. Oh dear... that sounded a little harsh, didn't it?
Triforce This sacred set of three equilateral triangles represents power, wisdom, and courage. Some adventurers once got confused and retrieved the legendary "Triumph Forks." --Oh, how I laughed!
Wizzrobe These magical foes attack from afar. They've only got one trick up their loosely hanging sleeves, and that's...well, magic!


Some prizes allow songs heard in the various quests to be played on the Jukebox.


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Battle Quest was one of five minigames — along with Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, DK's Crash Course, and Takamaru's Ninja Castle — shown at the unveiling of Nintendo Land at E3 on June 5th, 2012.



Brief footage of the grassy level

Nintendo Land trailer, showing grass and mountain levels


  • Many of the quests in Battle Quest take place in the same area as others, only with a different path.
  • Level 30 of Yoshi's Fruit Cart, another Nintendo Land attraction, features a Triforce path.