Gerudo Fortress Trail

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Gerudo Fortress Trail




Green Club Moblin
White Shield Moblin
Quick Moblin
Moblin Archer
Pot Shield Moblin
Pink Shield Moblin


The Gerudo Fortress Trail is the seventh level featured in Battle Quest.

The level begins in an outdoor area that resembles that of The Grasslands. The area is filled with Green Club Moblins, White Shield Moblins, Quick Moblins, and Moblin Archers. Additionally, there are the brand new enemy Stalfos. These bone creatures are very similar to the White Shield Moblins with a few exceptions. They are much more defensive and can quickly move their shield to whichever side the player is aiming. Additionally, the Stalfos has the ability to burrow underground and teleport to a nearby location. They have more health than Moblins, needing quite a few strikes to be defeated. To defeat them, the player must act really quick with his sword strikes. The player can hold his sword on the right, causing the Stalfos to block on the right. The player can quickly move to the left and deliver a sword slash before the Stalfos has a chance to react.

The second area of the level is littered with a bunch of Keese, Tektites, and several more Moblins. Further along, the player will encounter Pot Shield Moblins and Pink Shield Moblins.

After reaching the end of the second area, the player will encounter the dungeon boss in the form of an armored Wizzrobe. The player's battle with the Wizzrobe is nearly identical to the initial battle with him from The Forest Temple Hunt. It is another Dead Man's Volley fight where the Wizzrobe will toss a ball in Link's direction and they will need to slash their sword to hit the ball back. Wizzrobe will then hit the ball back towards the player, with this pattern repeating several times. Each time the Wizzrobe hits the ball back, the speed at which it reaches the player will change, sometimes coming extremely fast, while other times coming at a very slow rate. Unlike a standard Wizzrobe, the player will need to deflect the ball back six times to record a single hit. Four hits with the ball will defeat a Wizzrobe. After defeating the boss, the player will gain the Triforce.