The Grasslands

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
The Grasslands
Overview of the first section






The Grasslands is the first level featured in Battle Quest.

This level is a forest based area filled with grassy plains as well as several trees. The player battles with some of the more simplistic enemies featured in Battle Quest, including the Red ChuChu and the defenseless Green Club Moblin. In total, there are a measly 35 enemies to be fought in this level.

There are only two sections within The Grasslands, with the second one having a considerable amount of weak Club Moblins. The Grasslands conclude with a boss battle against a pair of Shield Moblins. These creatures are very similar to the Bokoblin from Skyward Sword. They use their shields to guard against sword slashes from the left, right, and from above. The player must directionally strike the Bokoblin where his guard is down, if they are using the Wii Remote controller scheme. Furthermore, if the player is using the GamePad, one charged shot or three normal shots kill these enemies. After defeating the boss, the player gains the Triforce.

The Grasslands is one of the easiest levels to gain a Master Rank, given the simplicity of the enemies. Master Ranks can be acquired by completing the level without taking damage.