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Kargarok from Twilight Princess




Kargarok is an enemy that appears in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. They are flying enemies, and appear to be somewhere related to the Helmaroc King in The Wind Waker.


The Wind Waker

Twilight Princess

There were two versions of a Kargarok found in Twilight Princess, the first being a regular one, which can be found in the multiple Hyrule Fields in the game, including the Kakariko Gorge, North Hyrule Field, South Hyrule Field, and East Hyrule Field. Their main form of attack is to swoop down out of the air and attempt to knock Link off his feet. If Link is riding on Epona, they try to knock him off Epona. They can also be found in two of the later dungeons in the game, City in the Sky and Hyrule Castle.

Shadow Kargarok

Main article: Shadow Kargarok

The only alternate form of the standard Kargarok is known as a Shadow Kargarok. They are basically the same thing, the only difference being that this version only appears in the Twilight. Because of this, they are less common, as Link is in Light more often than he is in the Twilight. These variations are found very often in the penultimate dungeon of the game, the Palace of Twilight, as it is the only Twilight-based dungeon in the game.

Non-Canon Appearances

Battle Quest


These oversensitive birds can be calmly gliding one moment, then furiously dive-bombing you the next. These creatures can deflate a balloon faster than I can deflate a joke.

Kargarok appear in Battle Quest in a very similar fashion as their previous appearances. They'll keep their distance from players before dive-bombing them. They can be taken out with one charged shot with the Hero's Bow, or knocked to the ground with a normal shot. Swordsmen need to place a well timed sword slash to attack the Kargarok. More easily, they can defend themselves with their Shield and then deliver consecutive sword slashes to defeat the bird.