Walkthrough:Hyrule Castle (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Hyrule Castle Walkthrough is a full guide to completing Hyrule Castle in Tears of the Kingdom. It includes arriving at Hyrule Castle, following Zelda around to the various locations in the castle, and defeating the boss, a horde of 10 Phantom Ganons.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

Reaching Hyrule Castle

  • The easiest way to reach Hyrule Castle, is by using the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. After launching yourself up into the air, Link can glide northward towards the elevated castle. The castle however, is out of range to simply glide over. Link will need to use Tulin's Power of Wind to gust Link further along. Even then, Link will need to have some stamina upgrades to reach the Castle. Link can eat food or drink an elixir that boosts his stamina.
  • Alternatively, Link can use a variety of Zonai Devices to make his way towards the castle.
  • Zelda will appear throughout Hyrule Castle, disappearing and reappearing at various locations. Link will need to travel to various locations, finding Zelda, and battle the enemies that are summoned.

Second Gatehouse

Hyrule Castle B3 - Library


Princess Zelda's Room

Hyrule Castle B3 - West Side

Hyrule Castle B3 - South End


Video Demonstration