This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the Hyrule Castle – Wii Version.

22.1 The West Courtyard

The last phase of the game is Hyrule Castle and it begins in the outside courtyard. Walk northwest along the stone pathway and a barrier will appear. Defeat the numerous bokoblins that appear as well as any kargaroks that fly down from the sky. Once they have all been defeated, open the door to the northwest.

Run forward and a short cut-scene plays. Another barrier is formed and a seemingly endless amount of bokoblins come dashing your way. Defeat them all, using the spin attack when they are all bunched together. Once they have all been defeated, the barrier will go away.

Continue following the stone walkway and you will come upon another locked door. To the left of the door you will find a chain. Grab onto it and pull it back to raise the door. Head inside and walk over to the middle of the platform in this area. King Bubllin will drop from above, ready to fight once again.

This battle is identical to the battle in the bulblin base. He can easily be stunned with a sword slash. The back slice and the helm splitter work wonders against him as well. Just keep nailing him with attacks and he won’t even get a chance to swing at you.

King Bulblin is finally fed up with being defeated and hands Link a sparkling small key. King Bulblin will say that he follows the strongest and that’s all he’s ever known. King Bulblin then proceeds to ride away. Midna is very surprised that King Bulblin is actually capable of talking.

Run to the north end of the area and open the treasure chest to get a red rupee. Return back to the southern portion of the courtyard where you first entered from Castle Town.

22.2 The East Courtyard; Dungeon Map

Walk to the northeast area along the stone pathway and a 4th barrier appears. Defeat the bokoblins as usual and then open the door to get to the east part of the courtyard.

There are a ton of bokoblins that will come charging towards Link. There are also plenty of bulblin archers that will shoot at Link. Defeat the bokoblins and then use the arrows to defeat the bulblins archers. Walk along the path to the east side of the courtyard and you’ll eventually reach two bulbos that are to the west. Jump on top of one of the bulbos and all you need to do is ride right into the fences and the bulbo will crash them down. Ride to the northeast portion of the map and go right through the towers and the bulblin archers will crash to the floor.

At the north end of the courtyard there are several spinner panels on top of the pillars. Walk to the gate at the west end of the courtyard and you’ll see some leaves on the ground. Use the gale boomerang to get rid of the leaves and it will show the correct pattern on the floor.

If you look at the ground it is in the shape of a triforce. The six intersection points represent the six pillars with spinners. Use the gale boomerang to hit the spinners in the exact order that they appear on the map. Doing so will open the gate.

Run past the open gate and you’ll see a treasure chest; open it to get the Dungeon Map. Turn to the left and you’ll see a tall ladder. Climb up the ladder to reach what is the second floor of the courtyard. Follow the path southward and you’ll eventually come to a small treasure chest. Open it to get the Sad Zelda Stamp! Drop down and return to the south part of the courtyard.

22.3 The Graveyard

Walk out of the room, and change to wolf link. Walk near the left side wall and use your senses to find a patch where you can dig underneath the wall. On the other side, you’ll see a short cinema of the area. Walk over to the western part of the area and you’ll be confronted by stalkin, defeat them with ease. By the gate, you’ll be find a Stalfos, defeat him as well. Walk by the northern wall, you’ll see a very tall tree, use your senses to see soldiers pointing at the ground.

Transform back into human form, and use a bomb on the rocks to find a switch. Step on it and the gate nearby will open. Walk over to the open room, defeat the Stalfos along the way, and open the large chest to get an orange rupee, and the two small ones to get 21 more rupees.

Light the torch close by, and the rain outside will stop momentarily. Quickly run over to the west side gate and light the two torches there to open the gate. Take out the Dominion Rod and move one of the statues over to the southern wall where we entered the area. You’ll find two indentations in the ground, place one of the statues in one, and then repeat the process with the other statues. Climb up the steps on the right side wall, and use the statues to make it across to the other side.

Pull the chain at the top to open the gate. Open the chest inside to receive a small key. Now we have everything we need to progress inside the castle, so dig back out the way we came in. Inside the room where the Dungeon Map was, climb up the ladder for a shortcut back to the other side of the area. Ignore the Bokoblins and Bulbin Archers, and use the door to get back out.

Walk all the way over to the middle of the area, and up to the front entrance to Hyrule Castle. If you need to get any potions or items, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, enter the castle.

22.4 Hyrule Castle: Entrance

Run to the front door of the castle and using the small key you got earlier to enter the castle. Run forward and yet another barrier is formed around you. Defeat the army of bokoblins that come charging at you. Then defeat several lizalfos that also come charging at you. After they are defeated, the torches in the room will light up and a treasure chest appears at a higher ledge.

Walk to the northeast area and there are a few steps that Link can climb. Do so and then use the clawshot to grab onto the chandelier. Drop down and open the treasure chest to get the Compass. Use the double clawshots to grapple across several chandeliers to reach the northern balcony. Go through the door.

Walk forward and you’ll face off with another darknut. Battle him just as you’ve done before, using your sword techniques when applicable. Once defeated a treasure chest appears at the north end of the room. Stand at the area just below the treasure chest. Look at the wall at the west end of the room and you’ll see a lit torch. From this ledge, use the gale boomerang to put out the torch and the ledge will rise. Open the treasure chest to get a purple rupee.

You can travel either east or west from here, both of which lead to the same destination. The east path is easier as you will only fight a few dynalfos and solve a simple puzzle. However, the west path will lead to a few bonus treasure chests. The next section will lead down the west path, while section 22.6 will follow the east path. They will both meet up at the same area in the Hyrule Castle Tower section.

22.5 Hyrule Castle: Western Path

Defeat the two lizalfos that protect the door. Pull out the arrows and shoot down the ropes that hold the two paintings on the east wall. Hit the crystal switch that is behind the north painting and the gate will open. (Hitting the second crystal switch causes yellow chus to fall towards you.) Go through the door to the south.

Run down the hall and you’ll find two more darknuts. Defeat them both using similar methods. Equip the magic armor if you are having trouble. Once both enemies have been defeated two doors will open up. Go through the one at the northeast part of the room.

Turn to your right and there is a treasure chest here containing a purple rupee. Now step on the switch that is between two torches and another treasure chest appears at the balcony to the northwest. The treasure chest contains a silver rupee, which is worth 200 rupees, but you have to go through some trouble to get it. You must drop down to the floor below and then target the low hanging chandelier. Then target the chandelier that hangs above the treasure chest. You cannot get back to the southwest ledge from here so you’ll have to go back through the passage to the north.

If you decide to get the treasure chest, navigate your way all the way back to the room with the darknuts and then go trough the door at the southwest part of the room to get back out in the courtyard.

Run forward and you’ll see a gate with a treasure chest behind it. Several enemies come running out and multiple bulblin archers appear. Before Link can even battle them, they are all seemingly defeated. The resistance group that had gathered in Telma’s bar have come to help Link. With the enemies out of the way, run forward and open the treasure chest to get the Big Key.

Run back towards the door but now head up the path to get to the front side of Hyrule Castle. You’ll notice there is a locked door nearby. Keep running to the other end and you’ll see a second treasure chest on your map. Run towards it and a barrier blocks your path. Defeat the aeralfos that appears and then run to the treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key. Return to the area where we past over the entrance to Hyrule Castle. There is a locked door here. Use the small key to get back into Hyrule Castle.

22.6 Hyrule Castle: East Path

If you decided to take the eastern path, follow the steps into the next room. This room is a little dark and contains four torches near the opposite side door. Look to the western wall between two of the torches and you will find a painting. Shoot it down with an arrow and it will reveal a pattern to light the torches.

Complete the puzzle as it shows in this order: southwest, northeast, northwest, southeast. Upon lighting the first torch several keese will appear, but you can avoid them if they aren’t being problematic. Upon completion the door to the net room will open; enter it.

You will encounter two dynalfos in this room; defeat them as you have done in the past. I particularly enjoy using the bomb arrows upon entering to defeat them easily. Enter the door to the northeast and you will find a switch. Step onto it and it will lower a nearby chandelier, allowing for easier access back incase you leave.

Head back into the previous room and enter the door on the opposite side to reach the courtyard once again. Run forward towards the chest and you will be locked inside another arena. An Aeralfos will fly down and engage in a battle. Defeat it with the Clawshot as before, then open the chest and you will receive another small key.

Run back towards the door but now head up the path to the left to reach the front side of Hyrule Castle. You’ll notice there is a locked door nearby. Keep running to the other end and you’ll see a second treasure chest on your map. Several enemies come running out and multiple bulblin archers appear. Before Link can even battle them, they are all seemingly defeated. The resistance group that had gathered in Telma’s bar have come to help Link. With the enemies out of the way, run forward and open the treasure chest to get the Big Key.

Return to the area where we passed over the entrance to Hyrule Castle and use the small key to enter the locked door here.

22.7 Hyrule Castle Tower

Transform into wolf Link and defeat all the ghoul rats that attach themselves to your body. You’ll notice a bunch of ghost soldiers standing around, which are quite helpful. Many of the blocks in this room will cave in once you stand on them. However, the soldiers will point in the direction where the blocks are safe. Just look to see in which direction the soldiers are pointing and follow straight ahead. Go straight from the first soldier until you reach the second soldier. Repeat this process for all the ghost soldiers in the room until you reach the east side of the room.

Now walk up the narrow broken staircase. At the top, another barrier will be put around Link and two lizalfos wait for you. Defeat them and continue up some more broken stairs. You’ll need to use the small gratings that cover the little torches. Hook over from torch to torch to get past this section of broken stairs. At the top of the steps another barrier appears. Defeat two more lizalfos that wait for you.

Continue climbing the steps and there will be spinners on the railing. You will need to use your spinner to jump from rail to rail, while avoiding the three spikes that also use the rail. At the top of the steps, walk forward and yet another barrier appears. Defeat the darknut that is here and the barrier will disappear.

Before going through the boss door, enter the side door if you got the small key from the graveyard. Inside, collect goodies ranging from 5 rupees to 200 rupees, and various items including bombs, arrows. One of the chests will also contain the Happy Zelda Miiverse Stamp. If this is the 49th stamp you’ve collected, you will also automatically receive the Twili Midna stamp and complete your stamp collection. When you’re done, open the boss door and head inside.

22.8 The Final Showdown

You’ll now be back outside near the top of Hyrule Castle. Climb the steps of the castle and enter over a blue carpet. This is the same area from the scene that we saw earlier in the game, where Zant had taken control of Hyrule Castle. Link and Midna see Princess Zelda apparently asleep or dead.

We then see Ganondorf, sitting on the chair, welcoming Link to his castle. A rather interesting cut-scene takes place between Ganondorf and Midna, in which Ganondorf insults the Twili race, saying that they lack true power. As seen in the cutscene after Arbiter’s Grounds, Ganondorf once again shows his Triforce of Power; signifying he has true power.

Ganondorf will then place his power into Princess Zelda, despite Midna’s attempts to prevent it. Princess Zelda will then awaken, sending Midna flying out to the door from shock and preventing her from participating in this fight. The battle will then begin with Ganondorf’s Puppet ZELDA.

Ganondorf is the final boss of Twilight Princess. He was the one behind Zant, and the one who has caused trouble throughout Hyrule. He comes in 4 different forms, Puppet Zelda, Dark Beast Ganon, Horseback, and Dark Lord Ganondorf. Each of these forms will test you on the skills you’ve learned throughout the game, and we will help you use them to the best below.

Puppet Zelda will float around there air and unleash three attacks at Link. The first is a simple sword dash towards Link, which can be easily blocked with the shield. When she hits you though, you will lose your ability to Z-target her for a second. Puppet Zelda will also summon a giant golden triangle on the ground. If Link is standing in the area that is affected, he will lose health.

Puppet Zelda’s most common attack is when she will hold her sword in the air and summon a ball of light. She will then send this ball towards Link. Slash at the ball and it will moves back towards Princess Zelda. She will deflect it back towards you. Keep deflecting the ball back and forth and it will eventually hit Princess Zelda. Be careful as the ball moves faster and faster each time it is hit back towards Link. Repeat this same process until you’ve hit Puppet Zelda three times with the golden ball.

Midna will then use the power of the three fused shadows to break the curse on Princess Zelda, reviving her to her original form. Ganondorf will then use his power to transform into the Dark Beast GANON.

The weak spot of Ganon is the shining silver scar that is on Ganon’s belly. The battle will begin with Ganon running around the room, knocking down all the pillars that are in the way. Ganon will then disappear into a portal. Several red portals appear, but one of them eventually turns purple and Ganon will come running out of it. Once Ganon enters a portal, keep your back against the nearest wall and pull out the bow and arrow. When portals start appearing close to each other and there is a pulsing sound, Ganon is coming out. Once he appears, nail him with an arrow right in the forehead. He will be stunned so run on over and slash away at his scarred silver belly.

When Ganon is hit he will sometimes come out of a portal from above Link and land directly on you. Just quickly try to roll around to avoid him landing on you. Just repeat this process a few times and Ganon will catch on. Now, Ganon will jump into the air when you attempt to hit him with an arrow. Switch to Wolf form, and wait for him to come out of a portal. When he comes close, press A, and a fight of power will start with Ganon. Throw him over to a side and from here you can attack his weak spot until he’s finally defeated.

Midna will then fully revive Princess Zelda. After some chit chat between Princess Zelda and Midna, Ganon will awaken with a fire vision of his head. Midna will use the power of the fused shadows and warp Princess Zelda and Link out of the Castle. Midna then battles with Ganon. Next we see, Princess Zelda and Link are somewhere in Hyrule Field and Ganondorf appears, carrying the fused shadow that Midna wore on her head. Ganondorf summons an army and gallops towards Link and Zelda on his house.

Princess Zelda then summons the four Spirits of Light. After a short scene, Link and Zelda are both on top of Epona. Princess Zelda will try to slow Ganondorf down with her Light Arrows.

The battle begins with Ganondorf and it has a very similar feel to the first battle with King Bulblin. Ride around the field with Epona and try to stick as close to Ganondorf as possible. Z-target Ganondorf when you are close enough and Princess Zelda will shoot a light arrow. Once she hits Ganondorf he will be stunned. Quickly get over to where he is and slash away with the master sword.

Just keep following after Ganondorf, Z-targeting him so Zelda can stun him with a Light Arrow. After several hits, Ganondorf will fall off his horse onto the ground below. He will then get up and begin mocking Link with a laugh. He calls it an impressive looking sword, but nothing more. Ganondorf then pulls out his own blade and a barrier surrounds Link and Ganondorf. The final battle then begins with the Dark Lord GANONDORF.

The battle is a classic sword fight. Don’t bother trying to use the shield attack as it will only hurt you. The back slice is the best method for attack Ganondorf as he simply doesn’t block it very well. Once you connect with a back slice, slash repeatedly at Ganondorf until he blocks one of your attacks.

Ganondorf will do a variety of sword attacks, all of which can be easily avoided or blocked. Once of his attacks is a massive sword slash at Link. The A button will pop up with ‘Chance’ written on it. Press A and your swords will collide with each other. Press A repeatedly and Ganondorf will be pushed away and become vulnerable for a few seconds. Slash away with your sword a few times until he blocks your attack.

Just keep using the back slice to hit him. Back slice to your right, because Ganondorf is right handed and that will keep you further away from his sword. Another very awkward but effective strategy involves the fishing rod. Toss the fishing rod and Ganondorf will look at it confused for a second. Then quickly slash at him with your sword and you should be able to hit him from the front. Once he has been knocked down, target him and finish him with a final blow.

With Ganondorf defeated, enjoy the lengthy cut-scene. Congratulations!

  • Karlitos

    To beat darknuts easily, just circle near them constantly. Don’t do any jumps. When they slash straight down, slash with your sword. Do this three times, then their armor comes off. Afterwards, back slice to break their defense and slash away. Do this twice. They’ll be defeated in a jiffy.

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  • Gestrid

    Yeah, I finally just pulled up a YouTube video. It wasn’t “outside the door,” as in outside the door that slides up to enter the whole western part of the courtyard. It was “outside the door,” as in the door that opens after you complete the Triforce-shaped puzzle. That was not clear in the walkthrough and will hopefully be fixed when the HD version of the walkthrough is put up.

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    I can’t get past the Pillars with the spinners on them BECAUSE THIS FUCKING GUIDE IS PROVIDING ENOUGH DETAIL

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    Ganondorf may be the king of evil and all, but he sure is an avid fisherman. I love how he turns his head every time the fishing pole is cast; he must really admire my coral fishing lure.

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    Could you perhaps be more specific in your complaint? Not sure what you mean. Your post lacks sufficient detail to comprehend the precise nature of your dissatisfaction. Perhaps be more verbose?

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    Man, what a game.

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    ugh that was painful. More like Toilet Paper than Twilight Princess. its not horrible game but definitely one of the worst zeldas. At least my amiibo looks cool. Wind waker is still the best and needs an amiibo with extra dungeon as well because it actually deserves it. I wish skyward sword got the remake treatment instead.

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    I think it’s more like: what, are you trying to hurt me with a lure!? Of all things you could have tried, you throw a lure at me!?

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    Perhaps so, but it still beets fighting him without it.

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    Actually I hated Twilight Princess, and I detested Wind Waker a little more. WW is so tedious and boring, sail from island to island. Snooze fest. The best Zelda game is Majora’s Mask, by far.

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    Lay off the drugs dumbass. Wind Waker was decent but it wasn’t the best, not even close. Seriously? You actually found the sailing fun? Something is wrong with you. Twilight Princess is an epic masterpiece and you have ZERO idea with what you’re talking about.

  • LstFce2

    Whoa there guys! Making pearls? Sounds like you got a little sand in your vagina. WW was not tedious or boring everything about it was amazing compared to TP even the music was better. The sailing was fun nor did it take as long as everyone makes it sound. Y’all must have ADHD. Or just down right blinded by nostalgia. The sailing is definitely better than riding Epona in TP, I mean who’s bright idea was it to make me search for a patch of grass to call Epona. Then I have to wait till the end of the game to call Epona freely. Now that is a pain in the ass. Plus I found my self using teleport and wolf mode, which is not really a good substitute either. I take the side quests and collectables into account too. Wanna talk about tedious? My god getting the 60 poe souls was just as bad as getting all 200 pigeons on GTA IV. Being a wolf was not fun either so don’t even try to justify TP with being able to change into a wolf. There is even more reasons why WW is better. But ill leave that for my next essay.

    Stop being so butthurt just because i’m right. You know? You make yourself look bad by coming at me like a whiny little bitch. So put down the meth pipe and think before you start dissing people.

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    I agree with you on that one. OoT was better than MM. That time limit nonsense, at first it was a little suspenseful and interesting then it just got irritating.

  • Thortok

    First off, there is no ‘right’ when it comes to opinions, if you like WW better and he likes TP better, that’s just how the world works, people like different things, get over it. Both of you. The vulgarity of your personal attacks is absurd. Feel free to defend your arguments, just do it in a mature fashion, alright?

    That said, there’s many reasons why I prefer TP over WW.

    First off, I just prefer realistic shading of TP over toon shading of WW. Even Skyward Sword and the new Breath of Wind that’s coming out are too ‘toony’ for me, I much prefer TP’s shading, especially in HD.

    Secondly, the sea was boring. Sailing across it was boring. There’s no land mass, there’s no places to explore, there’s nothing really to do much except sail in almost exactly a straight line from your origin to your destination. The space between islands was annoying.

    I will say however that the sea mechanics were well done, such as wave physics, weather, storms, etc. But as far as a ‘world to explore’….sail around the sea. Find more sea. After that there’s more sea. Then more sea. After that, sea. Sail to the end of the world. More sea. Sail to the other end of the world. More sea. It got old, quick.

    There’s a couple parts in Wind Waker that are neat and advance the plot outside of a dungeon. However, they are few and far between. Other than the Forbidden Fortress, the starting island, Windfall Island, and the castle below the sea, there’s very little story. Pretty much every other island is almost superfluous. You go to an island, do one thing, leave. Or never visit it at all. The only islands you spend time on other than those, are the ones with dungeons. And dungeons and sailing around aren’t story. You don’t really spend any time on islands except for those couple ones.

    The only reason you’d visit all the islands is to collect everything.

    Which brings me to the next point, the triforce collecting part. While this was improved significantly in HD, it’s still the slowest part of the game. There’s been other games that have done this kind of thing, where the game is linear, linear, linear, linear, okay now you’ve unlocked the entire world, so collect X amount of Y and meet us at Z when you’re done, have fun, go nuts, little to no direction. And it completely kills the pace of the game. It’s like, see more story, see more story, see more story, okay now you’re gonna have to wait 2 hours before you can get any more story, longer if you dilly dally.

    Basically, collecting the triforce shards feels like a forced sidequest, and one that you can’t start until that point in the story, and the story won’t continue until you’ve done it. It’s quite frustrating design.

    And then you collect the triforce shards, you finally earn your way back onto the story again, and then the game’s over, blink and you miss it.

    It’s just not well written story or plot. It’s still a Zelda game so it’s still GOOD, but it’s not ‘great’ like most are.

    Now, what I like about TP. First off, having a land-based world, particularly one that shadows OoT’s layout, and getting to ride Epona…this all feels right. Midna as a side character that sticks with you the whole game is so much better than Navi or Tatl from other games. And what was it in WW anyway? The boat and the pirate girl talked to you telepathically through a stone? They weren’t really companions. (Although the part where you got to bring the bird girl along with you was fun.)

    I’m not crazy about the transforming into a wolf thing, although in HD it got easier since you could just touch a button and switch instead of having to ask Midna’s permission all the time.

    And even after you take the shading into account, Twilight Princess was just -gorgeous-. The level of detail was way above what was put into Wind Waker, although more detail is in Wind Waker than most people give it credit for.

    Also, since TP was made after wind waker, it was able to improve on the technology somewhat. The sword can be swung while running, and pretty much all items can be used from Epona’s back, similar to how many items could be used from the boat.

    There’s other reasons, but it basically boils down to land is pretty and has scenery and sailing boats in straight line is boring with only the weather and time of day to make it any interesting at all.

    I can’t tell you how many times I would look at the map, carefully aim the boat, and then go make a sandwich or something and come back a couple minutes later and still not be at the destination yet. It gets better with warping and way better with the speed sail in HD…but think about WHY they had to add that speed sail…to fix something that was kinda broken in the first place. It’s not just the speed of travel, but having to constantly, constantly, constantly change the wind direction every time you wanted to go somewhere? Ridiculous. Of course they had to fix it with the speed sail.

    How much did they ‘fix’ in TP? They made it easier to swap to wolf and back, but other than that, I can’t think of any fix they put in at all. It didn’t need it.

  • Scott

    All y’all better stop bitching and complaining. All Zelda games are good, they may have flaws that others don’t but other than that it’s a FUCKING Zelda game! I like WW and TP, they both have tedious moments from the fetch quest in WW to the food coolecting in TP. It also is your FUCKING OPINION which is better. I personally think TP is better than WW but that’s MY opinion. So stop bitching about these things and just be nice and enjoy that we actually have these games.

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    So the cave of shadows took longer than I expected (especially since I failed 2 levels from the end on first try) so this chapter will have to wait. Sorry. =(

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    Thank you for getting them up, nonetheless! Your comments have been such a huge help to me because switching left-to-right so frequently going through dungeons was confusing the crap out of me.

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    Not sure if this is the case for the Wii version, but during the “Restoring Ilia’s Memory” HD quest after speaking to the doctor you have to move the crate on the other side of his office and learn the scent with the wolf. Not just simply exit the building and follow the scent. Took me awhile to figure this out.

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    Finally finished this game! I enjoyed more than I thought I would, everyone said it was such a dark game, but it wasn’t darker than any other Zelda game I’ve played.

    I wish you were able to explore everything after you defeated the boss, there are a couple of thing that were fun that I only had to do once.

    Thanks so much for this walkthrough!

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    In the meantime, following the Wii guide and swapping directions will probably see you through to the end, I haven’t checked yet but I think you’d still get all the stamps too.

  • Thortok


    Head north of the fountain in castle town to reach the final area of the game, Hyrule Castle. It’s a dungeon of sorts in its own right, so let’s have some fun.

    Head through the northwest door.

    Continue to head northwest until you reach a portcullis with a chain to pull, and then head to the northernmost point in the room to open a chest for a red rupee. You should get a small key on the way. Now head all the way back to the first room.


    Head through the northeast door.

    Head to the northwest section of the currently explorable area to find a couple boars. You can’t head there directly cause a wooden fence is in the way, so circle around the stone wall to the right. Using a boar, you can smash the wooden barriers in the way and head to the far northwest corner of this room.

    The rain mysteriously stops. Get out the boomerang and clear away the leaves on the symbol in front of the gate. There are 6 windmills on top of pillars behind you forming the intersections of lines in this symbol. Only 4 of the 6 need to be targeted, in the order marked on the symbol (you can start at either end but I recommend starting at the closer end.) Lock on to all 4 before your throw, just like we did in the first dungeon, and open the gate to get the chest containing the map.

    You may notice a ladder in the cutscene of you opening the chest. Climb it and head to the end of this ledge for a chest with the Sad Zelda stamp. Now return all the way back to the area with no rain.

    On the north wall of this room, go Wolf Link and use senses. In one of the piles of leaves is a dig spot. Dig and you’ll be in a new area.


    In this area, take out a few skeletons (remember the ball and chain works great on the big ones), and then look around with wolf senses. You’ll see some ghosts mourning one grave in particular that you don’t see when senses are turned off. Smash that grave with the ball and chain (or use a bomb) to reveal a switch you should hit. Inside are three chests with 121 rupees total.

    Light the torch here (there’s an infinite oil bucket nearby if you need oil) to stop the rain temporarily. Magic! Now run to the west side and light two more torches outside another portcullis before the rain comes back.

    Two owl statues are hanging out in here, and you should take them out into the rain and to the south of the area. The spots they should go are clearly marked for you, making two platforms you can jump across. Another chain to pull and portcullis to open, and you’ve got yourself another key and an impatient Midna.

    Dig back out again (use the red arrow on your map to find the spot), and then head back to the entrance room again. Don’t forget the ladder in the room with the dungeon map’s chest can give you a shortcut through this room.


    Once back in the starting room, head north to a new area.

    Climb the steps in this area and from this little platform, clawshot up to the chandelier above the chest and open it for the compass.

    Clawshot from chandelier to chandelier (this is clearly how royalty get around their house) and head through the northern door.

    Kill the enemy, then stand in between the raised platform and the ledge with the chest. Walk to the very west side of this area and looking around the corner of the platform you’ll see a lit torch on the west wall. Without moving from your spot, hit that torch with the boomerang to put it out and you’ll ride up to the chest. Open it for a purple rupee.

    You can go west or east from here and wind up at the same place, but west has more chests, so go west.

    Kill the two lizalfos, then use the bow to cut down the strings from the paintings on the left. One of the switches will open the door, the other drops yellow chu on you. Continue.

    Darknuts should be easy for you by this point. Kill them to unlock the doors. Head through the northeast one to get back to the center area, and to the right is a chest with a purple rupee.

    To the left is a switch, which will activate a chest also in this room, which contains a silver rupee (200), useful if you just used magic armor for the darknuts. To get it though, you’ll have to drop down, and use the chandeliers to get up there. There’s no direct way back, so head through the north door again like before, do the boomerang torch trick again to ride up, then west, through the rooms we defeated enemies, back to the room we defeated the 2 darknuts, and this time the southwest door.

    Run forward and grab the big key.

    Now head as far east as you can, still in this room, and fight an air lizard to get a chest with a small key.

    Now head to the center of this room and head through the northern, locked door.


    Wolf it up and kill the ghost rats with your senses on. The reason they’re there is to get you to turn on your senses and see the ghosts. Jump to the ghost, and go in a straight line in the direction it points until you get to another ghost, and repeat, to get to the east side of the room.

    Climb up staircase, defeat enemies. The next staircase, use clawshots on the gratings covering the torches on the walls (this really is how royalty gets around apparently.) More enemies.

    Spinner up the rails to the next area, another darknut. Now if you’ve followed the walkthrough and got every small key, you should have one left to open the optional door to the east. In here is tons of stuff to smash and lots of chests with ammo and rupees. In addition, one chest contains the Happy Zelda stamp. Assuming again you’ve followed the walkthrough and have gotten every stamp, this will be stamp #49. You get stamp #50, completing the collection, automatically, after having gotten the first 49 stamps.

    Now return and head through the boss door.

    You’ve got this, right? Good luck and have fun!

  • Thortok

    It’s up now, enjoy =D

  • Ashley Cadman

    I noticed you didn’t mention the sad Zelda stamp that we found. After getting the map for the castle, going up the ladder, and going all the way around, we got a purple chest with the “Sad Zelda” stamp.

  • Thortok

    I mentioned it in my walkthrough below. =D

  • Robbie

    Thank you for this walk through, I thoroughly enjoyed the game…. got slightly stressed fighting gannondorf on the horse while zelda was being useless with the light bow but great game…. your walk through is AWESOME!! ❤ I called my character FOCKERBY and my horse DILDO so had some laughs with that 😂

  • Tks24

    Great walkthrough really helped me get through and enjoy a great game that I found could be abtuse at times and this really helped.

  • Gabriel Olivieri

    Thanks for the Walkthrough!! 😀

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    Wii U aswell.

  • preppz

    Great walkthrough, but I hated myself a little for using it so much 🙂

  • m1997

    Thanks a lot!

  • m1997

    Funny because The Wind Waker is imo the worst 3D Zelda game and one of the worst in general.
    I consider Twilight Princess the best after Majora’s Mask. Ocarina of Time would be third.

  • m1997

    5. A Link to the Past
    4. Link’s Awakening
    3. Ocarina of Time
    2. Twilight Princess
    1. Majora’s Mask

    MM has without doubt the best story and I like the darker tone of the game. TP is basicaly OoT but improved. I choose LA over ALttP because I like the story more and I was impressed that it was a very solid game even though Zelda and Ganondorf weren’t present.
    As for The Wind Waker…oh my that game sucks! It’s the most overrated game in the series!!! BUT it’s an opinion after all so if you liked the game (which I find hard to understand) then I respect that 😉

  • Joredon

    Love all your wall through. This will be my 3rd. I haven’t found a notable mistake (some grammar mistakes and sometimes mixing west and east, but only in obvious situations) but one somewhat, important error that you’ve partially covered: in the Wii U version at 22.2 after you get the dungeon map, you noted the next chest is a yellow rupee when it is actually the sad zelda stamp. Not trying to be rude or cynical, just was a litte confusing.

    Thanks again!

  • Josh


    Must’ve missed changing that text from a rupee to a stamp.

  • Rodrigo Ortiz

    This one is my second favorite Zelda game (right after ocarina of time)
    i love twilight princess, i particulary like the final battle against ganondorf
    Thanks for the walkthrough! , i helped me get all the stamps 😀

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Thanks for the walkthrough. Such an amazing game. Definitely one of my top two Zelda games, now onto Breath of the Wild!

  • randy191993

    Well Majoras Mask was way better than Ocarina of Time. Sure Ocarina of Time was ground breaking for it’s time. But from a today’s viewpoint, it really was one of the worst zeldas. I mean even a bad Zelda is still a great game. But amongst all the Zeldas, OoT wasn’t really that good. Majoras Mask is great. If only for getting the Fierce Deity Mask.

    Also TP is far from the best. It’s still great. But there are lots which are better. Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, etc.

  • randy191993

    And done with Twilight Princess… gonna grab that Zelda Amiibo tomorrow and do a full-life run for the shadow cave. And then on to Tri-Force heroes. The journey to finish every Zelda game before Breath of the Wild continues there!

  • Kerub Moss

    I’m doing the same thing! what did u mean full life run?

  • Mick

    Help, totally stuck on the spinners in the castle. Wherever I stand I can’t seem to open the gate for the dungeon map. Can anyone help please? I know it’s a Z shape, but wherever I hit the stupid things the gate won’t open.

  • Thortok

    Make sure you are locking on. Press and hold the boomerang button until you go first/third person for aiming. Move the cursor near one of the targets and a circling symbol will appear. I think it’s L to lock onto the target (button instruction should be on screen I believe). Continue to hold the boomerang and lock onto all the windmill targets, but make sure that you lock onto them in the order you want to hit them (the Z pattern).

    You did this before in the very first dungeon to unlock the boss key of that dungeon.

  • Mick

    So is it four random targets and not a particular four? I did finally get the thing to work, but have no idea how. I last beat the game when it was on Gamecube, and I remember being told to stand in a particular place and to aim at particular targets, so was looking to do this. With the wii version, it’s the first time I’ve got this far as my wii version had a glitch on the Sky level and instead of being able to carry the stupid orbs the second hand used to come through a door fast and hit me like a hammer. The wiiU fixed this thankfully – I do like to finish games even if it takes takes a couple of years! I’m looking forward to the new Zelda in a couple of weeks – I think I’ve read that it needs a separate ‘traditional’ controller though, and luckily I’ve got one stashed somewhere. I love Twilight Princess, but it’s a hugely long game. I couldn’t get all of the stamps because I can’t beat the three darknuts at the end of the cave of ordeals, so maybe next playthrough I’ll only do 20 poes and not bother with stamps. I don’t know what I’d do without these walkthroughs, they have been great. So – my last Zelda game will be on its way soon, and my biggest regret is that I’d have loved to see Ocarina of Time re-done for a full-size console (can’t manage the DS, hands too shaky) and that Skyward Sword could have been adapted for wiiU. Never mind – who knows what Nintendo might do in the future. Thank you so much for all your help Thortok, especially when so many of us were stuck last year. Oh and am I the only one with tears in their eyes when the chlldren get home safely at the last bit of the game (when the credits run?) …… I think I’m showing my age lol

  • Thortok

    It’s a particular 4 and they have to go in order (or backwards order also works), and the order is represented by the Z on the ground (blow away the leaves to see it). Glad you got it done at least. =P

    Yeah, I get teary-eyed then too.

  • Selena

    Im playing on the Wii version and in the Ganon Beast battle there is supposed to be a Push A command when you are a dog right? It gives me the option when the beast is REALLY close to Push A but it leaves little to no time to complete the command. I am rapidly pushing A when it gets near me but Midna’s hand only barely comes out before he knocks us to the side. Im super frustrated because I also couldn’t find any fairies before i entered the battle and I have only about 2 hearts left. I don’t want to die because i don’t want to have to redo the zelda puppet portion!!!! Anyway i really need some help I don’t know if i doing it wrong or if its the game :/

  • Josh

    Ganon does get pretty close to you before the A actually shows up, probably about half the room away, if not a little bit closer. You don’t have to push A multiple times, just press it once when he gets near and hold it.

    I know I’ve had some bad experiences on Gamecube and the game can lag pretty bad during this section, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the Wii version.

  • Thortok

    Similar to what Josh said, this part can be pretty annoying, and it’s looking for you to hold A for a period of about half a second (then the animation begins and you can let go if you want to). If you’re rapidly pressing it, it won’t ‘count.’ If you tap it once, even if you time it right, but don’t hold the button long enough, that doesn’t ‘count’ either.

  • randy191993

    Well in Breath of the Wild, Wolf Link will have the same amount of hearts that you have in the end of the cave of ordeals. So i’ll do a run with all hearts still remaining at the end to get the maximum powered wolf link in breath of the wild. Pretty easy actually if you have the Zelda or Shiekd Amiibo. They give you full hearts once a day and you can use them there, So just finish the cave of ordeals and scan the amiibo right before you write onto it. Voila, full life.

    Good luck with your completion run! Only got the Great Palace of Zelda 2 left now for my ultimate completion before Breath of the Wild hits next friday!

  • TallinHarper

    Overall good guide, but something you need to fix is the transition from 22.2 to 22.3. 22.2 ends with “Drop down and return to the south part of the courtyard.” 22.3 starts with “Walk out of the room, and change to wolf link. Walk near the left side wall and use your senses to find a patch where you can dig underneath the wall.” This makes absolutely no sense. The dig site is actually nowhere near the south courtyard, it’s in the northern end of the east courtyard, in the area you opened up with the gale boomerang. Also, you’re in a courtyard, there is no “room” to walk out of.

  • Maria Pelino-Lemons

    ok so im trying to beat gannon, but i had to go fill up my hearts and get potion. now i know we lowered a chandelier in case we had to come back, but do i have to go thru the whole castle again to get to the big boss fight? i didnt think we usually did, but idk how to get back otherwise. (sorry if i sound dumb)

  • Maria Pelino-Lemons

    i get everyone has their own opinion and i respect yours as well, but i do disagree with you. I just couldnt get into WindWaker and I really cant tell you why………idk my reasoning. my fav has to be ocarina of time by far. I do like Twilight princess, but im just about to start skyward sword lmao!!! ( i hadnt had time to play any video games so im just working on beating Gannon in TP. plus I still have my DS game to finish as well so i know im behind with the new one coming out). just wanted to put my 2 cents in but still let you know that i understand that everyone has their own views, opinions, and likes.

  • Thortok

    Lowering the chandelier and having all the doors unlocked allows you to go ‘straight there’ which is basically up the ‘stairs’, give or take the sections where you have to spinner or clawshot cause the stairs are gone. Plus you don’t have to do any of the courtyard stuff. So while the chandelier is the only ‘shortcut’, it’s definitely way faster than the first time.

  • Steve

    While I find Twilight Princess to be boring as hell, I don’t see what’s so great about Wind Waker, the Triforce quest in particular was padding at its very worst. Those two and Skyward Sword are the unholy trinity of the Zelda series to me, I’m glad Breath of the Wild gave the series’ formula a much needed update.

  • fish face

    “Twilight Princess is an epic masterpiece”


  • Joshua Sir

    Thank you so much whoever took the time to create this guide. This was so much help in the toughest spots! I just beat this game for the first time and it is a masterpiece!

  • chizwoz

    Great stuff. Thanks a lot. Although can you please use lower res images for these pages. They take ages to load on a slow internet connection.
    Use low res images to link to a higher res version of themselves. Not just the high res version on the main page. Incredibly inefficient design.

  • Fantastic website, and great GREAT help with the game. The ‘official’ guide sucks.

    I have been playing TP since about 5 years or so, all 3 slots are mine with different names. I have been to the end game where Ganendorf runs around on his horse, and Link and Zelda chase him on their horse, and that is where I always stopped. I always ran out of hearts, and then I gave up, and started a new game. But today I finally made it through to the end. My husband cheered me on LOL. I cannot imagine a Zelda game better than TP. I have several different consoles with different zelda games but the Wii TP beats them all, hands down. The DS 3D is nice but it doesn’t really come close to the Wii.

    The graphics are simply out of this world. I’ve watched ‘Breath…’ but that does not appeal to me at all at all.

    Again, thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this. It was really great to have these pages to come to when all else failed.

  • Guest

    … Are you serious?

  • Derek Gossage

    I agree with her that TP is the best Zelda game.

  • Derek Gossage

    Right? I had to consult this at least 2-3 times per dungeon

  • Pierce Roe

    Visually TP looks like crap. It looked ok when it came out, and some of the designs of the enemies (skulltulas, helmasaurs, darknuts) looked cool, but many of them (bokoblin, bulbin, armos) look absolutely terrible. The design of the characters, also, just continue to look worse and worse as time goes by. The main characters (Link, Zelda, Zant, Ganondorf) look great, but the side characters (everyone from Ordon village and Kakariko) look AWFUL. The main issue visually, though, is the textures. The grass looks awful, the montains look awful, the trees look awful. Everything in Hyrule field looks heinous. Everything is just smudged brown. This game was made in an era of video games where “dark” and “mature” meant lacking colorful and ugly. This game’s design choices were a total reaction to the outcry manchildren made over the toon design of Wind Waker. They were embarrassed to be playing a game that was bright, colorful, and interesting-looking, so Nintendo gave them the drab, boring look that they called for. I really don’t see how you could ever enjoy the art style of TP. The game has it’s positives, but that is simply not one of them. Plus it has aged terribly. Try looking at Death Mountain from Hyrule Field. It’s painful.

    But my main problem with TP is that there’s nothing to do in it. The world, especially hyrule field and Kakariko village, feel empty. There’s nothing to do in them. Whereas in the Great Sea there are pirate ships, octoroks, and those little lookout towers littering the sea that feel so spontaneous when you run into them, nothing in Hyrule Field feels fun or interesting. Hidden Village is a perfect example of this. You can spend five minutes in that area of the map and do everything there is to do in it. It is empty of NPCs, save one forgettable one, it’s full of a bunch of ugly buildings, and the entire village is brown. It isn’t cool to look at, explore, and you would never come back to it after you do the stupid cat sidequest. I think a good test of how interesting/exciting an overworld is is how often to you go out of your way to kill an enemy just to spend more time there? I found myself doing this all the time in OoT’s Hyrule field, Termina Field, the Great Sea, and everywhere in SS (mainly due to the fantastic combat system). In TP I always ran through the field past enemies as quickly as I could so that I could get to my next destination.

    Then you throw in a few things like the average music (Hyrule field day/night themes, Lake Hylia, and Midna’s Lament are the only memorable songs), the awful controls/camera setup, and the forgettable items (there are like three things to do each with the spinner, ball and chain, dominion rod, and double clawshots outside of dungeons), and the fact that the game feels like a rehash of OoT, and you have the worst and most forgettable of the 3D zeldas.

    There’s really nothing in this game that can be considered any sort of “landmark” in Zelda history. OoT was the first 3d and has the awesome time travel element, MM has the 3 day cycle and fantastic side quests, WW has the great art style and awesome sense of exploration over a huge map, SS has the funcombat system that is sort of a puzzle, the limited item slots in your bag, and the item improvement system, and breath of the wild is breath of the wild :). Again, I’m just not sure what TP did that was new or clearly better than all of the other 3d games, and I think there’s a reason why Nintendo has avoided making another “gritty and mature” Zelda game.

  • Which chandelier are you talking about?

  • About what..?

  • tizio di passaggio

    Thanks for this guide,it was so useful.I just finished my play trough on Wii U.Even if the game is very repetive sometimes,and I hate the wolf parts,it’s a good game.

  • Sebastian Hahn

    I second this, with a slight correction. The dig site is not in the area that you open up with the gale boomerang. The dig site is in the same area as the pillars that are used to access the dungeon map (using the boomerang). It’s to the north of the pillars, surrounded by leaves.

  • Sebastian Hahn

    idk, Zelda dungeons have always been pretty complex. The guide is a necessity if you don’t want to miss out on collectibles. Strategy guides for bosses don’t hurt either.

  • Jen

    Can’t anyone see larger versions of all the screencaps of the games shown here? I tried clicking on gallery under each game title and there’s no response. Everything else works though.

  • Josh

    On Desktop you can right click an image and open in a new tab to get the full size version. Mobile doesn’t contain the same feature, but zooming in is usually more than sufficient.

    The gallery is a relic, and will be removed in the future with images there moving to the wiki.

  • Stardust

    Yes, this was confusing — thanks for the clarification! It should read “Drop down and return to the north part of the courtyard near the pillars.”

  • juhhway

    Thank u <3

  • Chayse Armstrong

    I prefer videos

  • logan keys

    Thanks for your help!

  • Jon M

    If you are facing the gate you see the 6 pillars in front of you. The pattern to hit them is:
    1) Middle tower in row with 3 towers
    2) Tower to the LEFT in row with 2 towers
    3) Tower to the RIGHT in row with 2 towers
    4) Single tower next to the locked gate.

    So only 4 towers in total. Try to stand in the middle when aiming so you can lock on to all of them.

  • Jon M

    At 22.5 and 22.6 where you can choose to go either east or west, it’s better to go EAST first (section 22.6) This is because you will lower a chandelier near the end that lets you get back to where you were faster. Makes it easier to then backtrack to the west path (section 22.5). Otherwise you have to start at the beginning all over again if you choose the West path path first THEN go East.

  • Jon M

    The secret to the 3 darknuts is first USE MAGIC ARMOR! Then just focus on 1 at a time. Bump it with you shield when you get the prompt for a shield attack then use the helm splitter move and slash a few times from it’s back. After doing that about 3 times all the armor will be gone. Finally (to kill it in it’s non-armor form) use the back slash technique. That is Z-target and do 2 jumps around it’s side then swing your sword. That will make you do a jump spin strike on it’s back. It will also stun it so you can get a few more hits in.

    To kill those flying armored dragons, shoot one arrow at it to make it’s shield go up. Then clawshot it to bring it in and slash it. Once it’s on the ground do the arrow/clawshot/slash combo again to finish is off.

    To conserve hearts through the levels kill as many enemies as you can from the ledge before dropping down. Also use bomb arrows on stronger, armored enemies. Any enemy that has it’s weak spot in the back will die from one shot of a bomb arrow.

    The ball and chain is also very effective against groups of enemies. Sometimes you can just stand still and let it swing around you to knock out enemies.

    Also if you haven’t filled all your bottles with fairies/potions or used some throughout the levels scoop up the potions the chus (purple blob things) leave when defeated. There is always a blue one in the very beginning you can grab if your quick, or take a chance with the purple stuff.

  • Jon M

    I really appreciate all the work that went into this guide! Even with using this guide from the very beginning I logged about 60 hours. I can’t imagine how much longer it would of taken if I roamed around figuring all this stuff out on my own. Some of the heart pieces were in places I would have never found and a few (in dungeons) were easily missable and you only have that one chance to get them.

    I really had a fun time with this game. I feel like it was true sequel to Ocarina of Time. They gave lots of nostalgic throwbacks and included all the temples and things they weren’t able too in the first game. Plus, from what I’ve read, they fixed all the bugs and improved Twilight Princess even more on the Wii U version. I’m glad I waited to play this game for the first time on the Wii U.