Section 9.1 is entirely optional and will contain a few extras that we can now collect after completing the Fire Temple. You can skip down to section 9.2 and head directly to the Tower of Spirits to continue along with the main quest.

Optional: Mountain Rabbit Roundup

There are six more rabbits in the Fire Realm that we can now capture.

Mountain Rabbit #4 – From the Fire Temple, head south, west, south, and west to see the rabbit on the north side of the tracks.

Mountain Rabbit #5 – At the far northwest part of the Fire Temple maze. Found east of the tracks.

Mountain Rabbit #6 – Directly north of the Fire Temple, on the south side of the tracks.

Mountain Rabbit #7 – At the far northeast part of the Fire Temple maze. Found southwest of the tracks.

Mountain Rabbit #8 – Near the southeast part of the Fire Temple maze. Found just southeast of the tracks.

Mountain Rabbit #9 – Found southeast of the new tracks that lead towards the Tower of Spirits.

Optional: Goron Target Range

Our next optional stop is the Goron Target Range. It was closed earlier because of the volcanic activity on the mountain but now it is open for business! The prizes at the Goron Target Range consist only of treasure. Ride on over to the station and speak to the Goron. It costs only 20 rupees to play.

Key Points:

  • Blue targets are worth 10 points and you can hit them once.
  • Red targets are worth 30 points but you can hit them 3 times for a total of 90 points.
  • Goron Targets will reduce your score by 30 points if you hit them.
  • Some targets will spin around and reveal Goron Targets, so be careful.

If you score more than 1,000 points and set a new high score, the Goron will add even more tracks to the game. Play again and when you get to the new tracks at the end, be sure to turn around to find more targets that are spinning to bump your score. At the end of each game you’ll have an option of two treasure chests to pick from. Depending on how high your score is, the treasure will be rarer. You can play the game as many times as you’d like, but once you’ve had enough jump back on the train.

Optional: Goron to Anouki Village

Ride on over to Goron Village. Near the tracks in Goron Village you will find a Goron who wants to visit Anouki Village. Agree to take him and he will board the train. Carefully ride on over to the Snow Realm and stop at Anouki Village. The Goron is so happy that he will reward you with Force Gem #13! This gem will restore more tracks within the Snow Realm. These new tracks will allow you to collect two more rabbits and also find a Warp Gate D. This new Warp Gate will make it a bit easier to travel between the Snow and Fire Realm.

Optional: Anouki to Goron Village

Our next Force Gem quest starts right here in Anouki Village. Speak with the Anouki who is in Honcho’s house to find he wants to go to Goron Village. Agree to take the Anouki there, and he will meet you at the train. Set the path east to the Fire Realm and arrive at Goron Village. Once you arrive, the Anouki here will be so thrilled that he will reward you with Force Gem #14. This gem will restore Spirit Tracks that connect the Snow and Fire Realm. These new tracks aren’t overly useful but they do provide more tracks to explore.

Optional: Goron to Castle Town

Our next force gem quest begins right here in Goron Village. Run to house where the Goron Elder is and speak with his son who is just outside. This young boy has dreams of the big city and wants you to take him to Castle Town. Agree to do so and he’ll walk back to the train. Jump on board and ride towards Castle Town.

The quickest route is through the Tower of Spirits. Once you arrive the Goron will be delighted that he is in the city and will run off looking for the princess. Follow him around and after talking to a woman in town, the Goron will give you a Force Gem. This new gem will open up some more tracks at the north end of the Fire Realm, which will allow Link to access a new secret station!

Optional: Snow Rabbits #9 and #10

Let’s check out some of these new tracks we’ve opened up. The first new tracks we want to explore are just northwest of Wellspring Station. Ride on over and then head to the new tracks. Keep an eye out on the left side of the tracks as you’ll see a rabbit hiding behind the rock. Blast away at the boulder and capture the rabbit to get the 9th Snow Rabbit!

Ride forward a bit more and once you pass the intersection you’ll find the 10th and final Snow Rabbit! Straight ahead you’ll also find Warp Gate F. This gate will connect the Snow and Fire Realm, with the other gate being east of Goron Village. Activate it if you’d like.

Optional: Disorientation Station

Our next destination is the new tracks that are at the north part of the Fire Realm. Ride on over to the northwest part of the map where you’ll find a station. Stop at what is known as the Disorientation Station. Once you arrive Princess Zelda will notice that there is a Castle Guard up on the cliff. What the heck is he doing all the way over here?

Before heading up there are several treasure chests for us to collect. The first is located on a higher ledge just to the west. It is out of reach but you’ll notice some birds flying just above. Play the song of birds and use it to get to the higher platform. Open the treasure chest to get some treasure. Play the Song of Birds and grab onto the bird once again. This time let it take you to the higher platform on the right side of the map. Use your whip on the wooden pole to the right to swing across the gap.

Climb up to the higher level at the southeast part of the map. Make your way all the way to the southwest part of the map, defeating some green spinuts along the way. Open the treasure chest here to get a red rupee. Climb up to the higher level and then make your way to the staircase at the corner of the map where the Castle Guard can be found. The guard tells you that him and his partner came searching for treasure, but he got scared because of the enemies and ran out. He asks Link to go in to find his partner and warns you of the monsters that are inside. He gives you a click of “From a room that knows no south, follow the rocky trail north and north…”. There is a treasure here waiting to be discovered.

Walk down the staircase to enter this maze. This cave is well…disoriented and really doesn’t make sense. The fastest way through is by going East, South, North, and North.

After going north the first time you’ll see a stone tablet which provides a message from the missing Castle Guard. He thinks that he is hopelessly lost and gives what sounds like his final words to his friend. Go north once again and defeat the Fire Babas here. There is a stone block at the northeast part of the room. Stand next to it and play the Song of Discovery to make a treasure chest appear. Open it up to get a super rare Alchemy Stone!

Walk around the cave and you’ll see some sign posts. Read them and they will tell you the way out of the cave. Leave the cave and speak with the Castle Guard…who is now patrolling the area. When he asks you a question, answer ‘well’ and for your honesty, the guard will thank you and reward you with a big green rupee. Before running back to the train run to the east and fight off some more green spinuts. You’ll find a treasure chest that contains a big green rupee! Now you can head back to the train as there is nothing left for you to do here.

Optional: Preserving Fish

If you purchased some fish from the woman back at Papuchia Village, you might remember that she was a bit worried her fish were going bad because of the weather. She needs some ice to keep her fish fresh. Let’s make a stop at Wellspring Station and pick up some Mega Ice.

Use Warp Gate B if you’ve activated it. This warp gate is located east of Wellspring Station and will take you near the Trading Post. Ride on over the Ocean Realm and stop at Papuchia Village. You need to have at least 10 units of Mega Ice with you. Give them to the woman selling fish and she’ll give you a Force Gem in return! This gem will restore some new tracks nearby in the Ocean Realm. These new tracks will let Link access another secret station! Leave the village and jump back on the train.

Optional: Pirate Hideout

Our next stop is the recently restored Spirit Tracks on the west side of the Ocean Realm. Ride on over and travel northward. You’ll come across another secret station. Stop at it to find yourself at the Pirate Hideout.

~ Stamp Station #17 ~

The first thing we want to do is find the local stamp station. Run to the east and then north and you’ll see the Stamp Station on the higher platform to the left. A bird is flying around as well, so play the song of birds to summon it. Use the whip to latch on and it will take you up to the higher platform. Stamp Niko’s stamp book to get the 17th stamp overall.

~ Force Gem #17 ~

Enter the cave at the north side of the map. You’ll see a Papuchia Prisoner at the back of this room and you will then be bombarded with Miniblins. This triggers a mini-game in which you have unlimited arrows. Shoot the arrows and hit the miniblins as they walk across the screen. If you hit miniblins consecutively, this will multiply your score. Hit as many miniblins in a row to get a high score. Be careful, because if you miss a miniblin it will create a net and try to toss it towards you. You’ll have to shoot the net to stop them, and this will break your score multiplier. Keep repeating this until you’ve freed the prisoner.

There are some cart rails on the side and the next thing you know, Link and the Papuchia Prisoner are on the cart together. The mini-game continues as other miniblins will appear on mine carts. Shoot the miniblins as you ride the mine cart, still trying to hit them consecutively to multiply your score. Near the end of the path, you’ll find numerous miniblins as well as a big blin. Just unload as many arrows as you can on the big blin and you will escape with the prisoner.

Once you are outside the prisoner asks you to take him back to Papuchia Village. Agree to do so and jump on the train. On your way towards Papuchia, some pirate ships will attack you and if the large one gets close enough, miniblins will board your train just like they did earlier in the game. Defeat all the miniblins and then finish off the large big blin.

Afterwards, safely bring the train to a stop at Papuchia Village. The man here is so excited to be back home that he will reward you with Force Gem #17. This gem restores two sets of tracks in the Ocean Realm. The larger section includes Warp Gate G, which connects the Ocean and Forest Realm. It also hold one ocean rabbit which we will soon collect.

You will automatically be taken to a meeting with the man and his girl. Unfortunately, he soon finds out that she matched up with the Whittleton Chief during his absence. After some harsh feelings and a bit of cold dialogue, you can leave the house and speak with the man. He simply gives a rather sarcastic reply, questioning how see could ever see something in the Chief.

Jump back on the train and ride back to the Pirate Hideout to go play the mini-game a couple more times.

~ Quiver Upgrade #1 ~

Play the Pirate Hideout mini-game once again. Your goal is to break the high score and get at least 3500 points. Score between 3500 and 4000 points and you will be rewarded with a Quiver Upgrade! This will allow you to carry up to 30 arrows!

~ Heart Container #10 ~

Keep playing the Pirate Hideout mini-game. Your new goal is to score over 4000 points! This can be quite difficult and you need to use the multiplier as much as possible. Once you’ve scored 4000 points, you will be rewarded with a new Heart Container!

Optional: Ocean Rabbit #9

Force Gem #17 opened up some new tracks for us in the center of the Ocean Realm. Ride on over to the south end of the tracks where you will find a rabbit. Blast at its barrel and capture it with the rabbit net to get the 9th of the Ocean Rabbits!

Optional: Trading Post and Aboda Village

We have been collecting quite a bit of treasure lately and there are a few things we are going to be purchasing soon, one of which costs an expensive 2000 rupees. Additionally, you want to try and buy as many things as you can from Beedle’s Air Shop. We need a certain number of membership points so that we can get that heart container you see behind his shop.

Stop at the Trading Post and you can sell some of your treasure if you’d like. If you’ve been collecting the optional content you should have three Alchemy Stones already. You’ll only ever need two of them if you’d like to fully customize your train. Therefore, it’s safe to go ahead and sell one of the Alchemy Stones. This will give Link 2500 rupees! Feel free to customize your train. You should be able to purchase the golden cannon at this point if you’d like. This will bump your train’s health up to five hearts. Once you are done, jump back on the train.

You should have gotten a letter from Niko sometime after you beat the Fire Temple. It comes with a map of Aboda Village with a few secrets. Ride on over to Aboda Village and pull out Niko’s letter. You’ll see there are X’s next to two of the palm trees in the village. Stand next to these marks and play the Song of Discovery. You’ll find two more treasure chests, both containing some treasure. That’s about all there is to do here, so jump back on the train.

Optional: Rabbitland Rescue

You don’t need to do this now, but since we have collected all ten of the rabbits from the Snow Realm you can stop at the Rabbitland Rescue and show the man all the goodies you’ve collected. He’ll reward you with rupees for all the rabbits, but will also give you a rare piece of treasure for getting all of the snow rabbits! Run to the station and get back on the train.

Optional: Quiver Upgrade #2

Our next stop is at Goron Village. Use any of the Warp Gates and ride yourself over to the Village. Enter the Shop that is at the east end of the village. Up for sale is a Quiver, selling for 2000 rupees. Purchase the quiver and you will now be able to hold up to 50 arrows! Exit the shop and return to the train.

There is nothing left for you to do now, so we can finally make our way over to the Tower of Spirits.

9.2 Temple of Spirits, Part 5

Upon arriving at the Tower of Spirits Princess Zelda notices that the Tower is now fully intact, but it seems evil still lurks. Walk up the stairs and now scale all the way to the top of the tower and enter the new area.

~ Eighteenth Floor ~

Three massive phantoms patrol this area. Our first spot of interest is the Tear of Light at the bottom right corner of the map. Wait until the path is clear and run to the right and use bombs to blow up the blocks that lead southward. If you don’t have bombs, you will need to let the Phantoms see you, and have them roll into the blocks to break them.

Our next area of interest is at the top-left part of the room. When the path is clear run back to the inner portion of the room. On the map you’ll see a safe zone at the north portion of the room by a locked door. Wait there until the path is clear and then run to your left and use bombs to blow up the boulders in this corner.

When the path is clear make a run for the large safe zone in the corner of the room. Grab a hold of the first block and pull it out to the left. There is a second block here as well, so pull this one to the left once, and down once. Run past and step on the switch and this will create a treasure chest at the east end of the room.

When it is safe to do so, run back to the safe zone near the locked door at the north end of the room. If you need bombs there was a chestnut by the room entrance that holds 3 bombs and continuously regenerates. We now need to blow up the boulders that are on the east side of the room. Do so without letting the phantoms see you.

Wait for the phantom on the right to walk southward and then run all the way to the northeast corner of the room. Use the whip on the wooden pole to get to the treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key. Now run all the way back to the locked door at the top of the room. Use the small key and then go up to the 19th floor of the Temple of Spirits.

~ Nineteenth Floor ~

Walk to the top-right corner and pick up the blue arrow orb, then walk all the way to the left. Walk around the corner while avoiding the mounted miniblin and set the orb on the square just to the right of the door. Now step on the switch and the door will open. Use the boomerang and trace a path through the door and hit the orb to the left side of the door so that it is facing northward. Then use the bow and arrow to hit the blue orb and it will send an arrow out and hit the other orb. Finally hitting a wall switch at the top of the room, causing a bridge to form all the way at the southeast corner of the room.

Walk all the way to the southeast part of the room, avoiding the mounted miniblins along the way. Cross the bridge and start walking to the left. A wrecker phantom will appear and it will roll after Link. Quickly run as far to the left as you can towards the safe zone. When the wrecker phantom draws near, roll out of the way so that the phantom will break the boulders that lead to the safe zone. Quickly run into the safe zone so you cannot get harmed. Wait for the phantom to walk to the east end of the room and then get the 2nd Tear of Light! Walk up the staircase at the southwest part of the room to get to the 20th floor of the Tower.

~ Twentieth Floor ~

The phantom in this room patrols rather slowly so you can easily maneuver around it. Run to the northeast part of this room and you’ll see a switch. If you step on the switch a door will open, but it will quickly close once you get off the switch. We’ll get to this in just a bit. Just south of the switch is a block that can be pulled. Move it so that it just to the left of the platform with the switch. Link can now jump onto the platform and then jump to the west.

Now maneuver around the phantom and head to the southeast part of the area where you will find a blue arrow orb on a large stock of blocks. Use your bombs to blow up these blocks and many of them will come crashing down. Pick up the orb and run back to the switch at the northeast part of the room. Jump onto the block to the left and then to the platform on the left. Place the orb on the block here and make sure it is facing southward.

All the blocks in the middle of the room are in the way here. You can get rid of them by using bombs, or by purposely getting spotted by the wrecker phantom and getting him to roll into the blocks himself. If the phantom spots you, you can always just run to the safe zone in the corner of the room. Either way, get rid of the boulders in the room and then run to the safe zone in the corner.

Walk up the stairs on the platform to the west. Use the boomerang to target the closer of the orbs at the southern wall. Hit it until it is facing northward. With all this out of the way, run to the northeast corner of the room and step on the switch. While stepping on the switch shoot an arrow at the blue orb to the left, and after activating several orbs, an arrow will hit the wall switch and the door on the far left will open up. Run on over and get the third Tear of Light!

Walk behind the phantom and slash at its back. Take control with Princess Zelda and she will become a wrecker phantom! Use the staircase in the corner of the room and return to the lower floor.

~ Nineteenth Floor Revisited ~

Roll to the right and roll all the way into the phantom. Link can actually hit the phantom in the back and Zelda will change phantoms, so then you don’t have to worry about any phantoms on this floor.

Walk across the bridge and then use the phantom to roll into the mounted miniblins here, as well as all the stationary statues that block the path to the left. Run around in this area and walk up the steps. Use the boomerang to hit the orb in the center of the room, causing it to face northward. Then hit it with the bow and it will hit a wall switch, causing a treasure chest to appear. Jump down and open the chest to get a random piece of treasure. Walk down the stairs to get back to the 18th floor.

~ Eighteenth Floor Revisited ~

The wrecking phantom has the ability to move these giant blue blocks. Use Link and head south, to the west and then back up north. There are two switches in the corner of the room here and a large blue block to the right. Have Link move the small blue block all the way north so that it is out of the way. Then take control of the wrecking phantom and have her push the large blue block all the way against the west wall. Then stand above the block and pull it upwards. Run around the block and push it northwards until it sits on both of the switches here.

There are several other switches in this area, one of which is at the bottom-left corner of the room. Use Link and push the nearby small block all the way southward. Now bring the phantom around and pull the large blue block up one spot. Control Link and push the small block all the way against the west wall. Now run around the blocks so that you are standing just north of this small block. Push it down so that it lands on top of the switch.

The next switch at the bottom-right corner is a bit trickier as it’s more packed together. First things first, pull the small block up one. Then run around and push the small block up once again. Then walk around and move the block two spaces to the left so that then phantom can maneuver around in here. Have the phantom move the blue block on the left one space to the left. Then roll around the area to get to the other side of the blue block and have the phantom push it to the left once. Now use the phantom and push the block on the right up once.

Push and pull the small block several times as you maneuver it and eventually you’ll get it all the way onto the switch. Only one more switch to go!

There is one more block lying around in the middle of the room. Push it around and get it all the way to the northeast corner so it is on one of the switches. Step on the other switch with Link and now that all the switches in the room are covered, the spikes at the area to the south will fall. Run on over and open the treasure chest to get a small key. Now head back up the stairs to get back to the 19th floor.

~ Twentieth Floor Revisited ~

Use the small key on the locked door and then head up the stairs back to the 20th floor. There are a ton of boulders rolling around on the right side of the room here. Send the phantom rolling northward and then to the left. Hit the switch with the phantom and the boulders will stop coming. Catch up with Link and walk to the left.

There is lava here, but wrecking phantoms cannot walk in lava. Instead, have Zelda roll to the area to the south, breaking the boulders along the way. Follow up with Link and then head up the stairs to the 21st floor.

~ Twenty-First Floor ~

Walk to the center of the room and step on one of the switches while the phantom steps on the other one. Four stalfos will appear and they aren’t too difficult to defeat at all. You can use the phantom to roll into them for an easy set of kills. Afterwards three Geozards will appear. You can either use the phantom to roll into these enemies, or use the whip to steal their shields and then slash away with the sword. If you are using the phantom be careful, as there is a rat hole at the north end of the room and the rats will scare the phantom.

Try to end the fight near the bottom-right portion of the room if you can, as once all these enemies are done away the door will open but four phantoms will appear! Quickly run to the safe zone if you can. If you get hit, no worries, you’ll appear back at the stairs, but you won’t have to fight the enemies again. We need to switch phantom types for Zelda, so stand near the safe zone and when a phantom walks by, slash at its back and then switch phantoms. With our new phantoms, head back down to the 20th floor.

~ Twentieth Floor Part 3 ~

Walk over to the lava and have the phantom jump in. Jump on top of the phantom’s back and walk to the north side along the wall. You’ll notice there are two wooden poles above. Use the whip on the pole to the left and swing up to the higher platform. Hit the orb so that it is facing to the right and then grab it with Link. Call over the phantom and then jump onto the phantom. Walk to the south wall on the right side, and have Link jump off onto the platform. Place the orb on either one of the square tiles and make sure it is facing right.

Jump back on to the phantoms back and walk to the far left side of the area. Grab the orb that is in front of the door and place it on one of the tiles that are on the platform just to the southeast. Make sure this orb is facing to the left.

Jump on the phantom once again and walk to the northeast wall. Use the whip to get to the higher platform once again. Now control the phantom and walk back to the southwest platform where the orb was and pick it up. Stand on one of the tiles and make sure the orb is facing left.

Now switch back to Link. From here, Link can use his arrows and shoot both of the blue orbs that he placed. Hit the one on the right first and it will hit a wall switch that will open a door on the left for a few moments. Now hit the orb on the left and it will hit a wall switch that will open the door by the staircase on the left.

With the door open, control the phantom and walk all the way back to the east part of the room. Switch back to Link and use the whip on the wooden poles to cross the gap and get back to the right side. Hit the phantom with an item to cause it to drop the orb. Then have the phantom jump back into the lava. Jump on the phantom’s shield with Link and walk across the lava for a final time. Head up the stairs to get to the 21st floor of the tower.

~ Twenty-Second Floor ~

There isn’t much to do on this floor so just walk up the stairs to get to the 22nd floor of the tower. Control the phantom and walk through the fire to the north and the fire to the west. Then walk all the way to the boss key, but don’t get it quite yet. Control Link and run all the way to the boss key as well.

Pick up the boss key with the phantom and key masters will appear. Walk to the northwest corner with the phantom. Control Link and slash away at the two key masters that are at this side of the room. Once you are at the northwest part of the room, trace a path for the phantom to the northeast corner of the map. Control Link and cross the sand paths. Use arrows to hit the key masters and protect the phantom. Move the phantom to the circle in the corner and then switch to Link and step on the glowing circle. After the two switch places, send the phantom over to the big lock and use the big key. The key masters will all go away, as will the flames. Switch to Link and run all the way over the phantom. Climb up the stairs to get to the 23rd floor.

~ Twenty-Third Floor ~

Walk forward and together with the phantom open the large door to the north. A blue warp portal appears on the side. Walk up the stairs to get to the 24th floor of the Tower of Spirits and face off with the tower boss, Byrne. After an exchange of dialogue, the battle will begin!

The battle starts with Byrne jumping along pillars and occasionally shooting weak beams towards Link. Just dodge these and eventually Byrne will attempt to hit Link with his massive gauntlet arm. Dodge out of the way and the gauntlet arm will get stuck in the ground. Use the phantom and run over to the gauntlet. Zelda will pull on the gauntlet causing Byrne to fall to the ground, so run on over and get a few sword slashes in before he gets back up. Repeat this process until Byrne stays on the ground level.

Run up to Byrne and slash at him repeatedly. He’ll block your first two attacks but the third one will usually hit. After Byrne is a bit shaken up, he will now perform large purple charged attack towards Link. When he is charging up, go hide behind the phantom. When Byrne charges in, the phantom will grab him and hold him steady. Run on over and deliver some sword slashes while he is stuck.

Afterwards Byrne will get a bit quicker with his attacks and does a better job of blocking Link’s sword attacks. Just keep keep slashing away at him. Byrne will eventually be defeated without much of a sweat.

After the battle a scene with the battered Byrne will take place and, after a premature celebration by Link and Zelda, Byrne escapes. Follow Byrne and you’ll now be outside near the top of the tower. Scale the tower and another scene will take place between Cole and Byrne.

Malladus has been resurrected and is now controlling the body of Princess Zelda. Byrne is nearly killed and after the lengthy scene, Cole and Malladus leave with the Demon King Train.

Anjean will show up and after some more talk you’ll next appear inside of the Spirits’ Train. She mentions that there was a weapon known as the Bow of Light. After some more talk, Anjean advises you go to the final temple known as the Sand Temple.

Anjean will give you a Force Gem, which will cause the Ocean rail map to start glowing and new Spirit Tracks will appear. You will then be sent off into the Ocean Realm. That concludes chapter 9 of the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.