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Quivers are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They are containers for holding Arrows.

Ocarina of Time

The Quiver makes its first appearance in Ocarina of Time. It allows Link to store up to 30 arrows. Link can upgrade the Quiver to the Big Quiver and Biggest Quiver. The order Link obtains the Quiver upgrades does not matter. The Big Quiver or Biggest Quiver can be obtained from either the Horseback Archery at Gerudo's Fortress after scoring 1,500 points, or the Shooting Gallery in Kakariko Village after getting a perfect score. The Big Quiver allows Link to store up to 40 arrows while the Biggest Quiver allows Link to store up to 50 arrows.

Twilight Princess

Quiver icon from Twilight Princess

The Quiver can only hold 30 arrows. It is the item that holds Link's arrows, and can be upgraded twice in the game. It can be combined with the Hawkeye and Bombs.

Big Quiver

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The Big Quiver is the first upgrade to the Quiver, and can hold up to 50 arrows.

Giant Quiver

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The Giant Quiver is the final upgrade to the Quiver, and can hold a maximum of 100 arrows.

Phantom Hourglass

The Quiver is obtained along with the Bow in the Temple of Courage and allows Link to hold up to 20 arrows.

  • The first Quiver upgrade is available as a price in Molida Island's Shooting Gallery, increasing the maximum amount of arrows that can be held to 30 arrows.
  • The last Quiver upgrade can be bought in Mercay Island or Molida Island for 1,000 Rupees after obtaining the Bow. This upgrade makes it possible to hold up to 50 arrows.

Spirit Tracks

When Link first acquires the Bow, his Quiver can hold 20 arrows. The first upgrade will bring that number to 30, and the second upgrade brings the total to 50.

  • The Quiver is acquired alongside the Bow and Arrow within the Fire Temple.
  • One of the upgrades can be purchased at the Goron Country Store for 2,000 Rupees after completing the Fire Temple.
  • The second upgrade can be acquired by scoring at least 3,000 points, but less than 4,000 points at the Pirate Hideout.

Skyward Sword

Link first acquires the Bow and Quiver in the Sandship after defeating the dungeon's mini-boss, Scervo. At first, the Quiver can only hold 20 arrows, but if Link gets the Small Quiver upgrade, it brings the total of arrows Link can carry to 25.

  • The first of the Quiver upgrades is the Small Quiver which can be bought at the Bazaar for 150 Rupees after getting the Bow and Arrow.
  • The final upgrade to the Quiver is obtained by upgrading the Medium Quiver at the Scrap Shop with three Dusk Relics, two Monster Horns, one Goddess Plume, and one Golden Skull.