Temple of Courage

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Temple of Courage
Temple of Courage Phantom Hourglass.jpg
Entrance of the Dungeon







The Temple of Courage is the third dungeon in Phantom Hourglass, located at the northern portion of Molida Island.


The temple is located on Molida Island in the Southwest Quadrant of the sea. The first time Link visits the island, the way to the temple is blocked by the Sun door. After Link visits the Temple of the Ocean King for the third time, he will get a Courage crest on his map. Link will then need to visit Eddo at Cannon Island, where he will acquire the Salvage Arm. Link can then use the Salvage Arm at the location of the courage crest on the map to pull up the Sun Key.

This will grant Link access to the north portion of Molida Island. Link will need to turn the three face statues, so that they are shining their laser lights at the entrance to Molida Island. Doing so will cause the door to open, granting Link access to the dungeon.


The Temple has three floors that Link must traverse, with the theme of Courage being present. Link will need to traverse across invisible seemingly platforms in order to progress in the dungeon. Link will read a stone tablet that tells Link that Up, Down, Right, then Left is the theme of the dungeon.[1] Many of the puzzles within the dungeon require Link to pull levers or hit targets in this specific order to progress onward.

Link will acquire the dungeon item, the Bow, and it becomes useful in the later portion of the dungeon. It is often used to hit eye switch, causing doors to open or platforms to move. Link will also need to shoot arrows at the various Arrow Orbs located in the dungeon, causing arrows to ricochet to hit other orbs or eye switches.


Main article: Crayk

Crayk, Bane of Courage, serves as the dungeon boss for the Temple of Courage. During the first phase, the battles moves to a first person prospective, where Link can only see what the boss sees. Link will need to strategical use this to his advantage, targeting Crayk and hitting the boss with an Arrow. Repeatedly doing so, moves the battle along to the second phase, where it handles more traditionally. Link can smack Crayk's face, causing him to cover up. This gives Link a chance to run around to Crayk's backside and slash away at its blue weak spot.

After defeating Crayk, Link will earn a Heart Container and two more minutes of Sand of Hours.

Link awakens the final Fairy, who is supposed to be the Spirit of Courage, but nothing happens. Link leaves the temple to consult Linebeck, where he finds Oshus who informs them Ciela is the Spirit of Courage and that she split her spirit to protect herself from Bellum. With Ciela awakened as the Spirit of Courage, Link sets sail to find the Ghost Ship.




  1. "Up, down, right, then left. It's not only the order for the switches nearby. It's the very order of the whole temple, so take note of it..." — Tablet, Phantom Hourglass.