Temple of Courage

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Temple of Courage
Temple of Courage Phantom Hourglass.jpg
Entrance of the Dungeon







The Temple of Courage is the third dungeon in Phantom Hourglass.

The temple is located on Molida Island in the western part of the south-western Sea Chart. The first time Link visits the island, the way to the temple is blocked by the Sun door. Later, Link returns to Molida Island and traverses through the dangerous temple.

The Temple has three floors that Link must traverse through. Eventually, Link gets the Boss key leading to the room where Crayk is situated. Link defeats Crayk with the Bow.

Link awakens the final Fairy, who is supposed to be the Spirit of Courage, nothing happens. Link leaves the temple to consult Linebeck, where he finds Oshus who informs them Ciela is the Spirit of Courage and that she split her spirit protect herself from Bellum. With Ciela awakened as the Spirit of Courage, Link sets sail to find the Ghost Ship.

Crayk, Bane of Courage

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This boss is easy and predictable, however, it turns invisible. When Crayk does so tap the touchscreen to reveal its location. Shoot an arrow to stun it. Rinse and repeat.

Once its shell has burst, slash at the boss to stun it and attack its exposed blue weak spot.

Dungeon Items

This temple holds much of the same items featured in dungeons throughout the Zelda series. These items include Small Keys, the Dungeon Map, the Compass, and the Boss Key.