Mutoh's Temple

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Mutoh's Temple
Mutoh Entrance.jpg
Entrance of the Dungeon







Mutoh's Temple is the seventh and final dungeon in Phantom Hourglass. It is located in the Isle of Ruins. Access to the dungeon is granted after visiting the temples of the three knights, Bremeur, Max, and Doylan as well as overcoming various obstacles including enemies and puzzles.


Being the final Dungeon of the game, the enemies found throughout Mutoh's Temple are more complex and will require strategy and a combination of items in order to defeat. The enemies found are listed below.

Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier

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Eox Phantom Hourglass.png

To defeat Eox, Link must run to the one of the four catapults in the room and hit it with the hammer in order to propel himself up into the air. The ten red bolts on Eox's body must be struck using the hammer. In the next stage, all four weak areas of his body must be struck in a single catapult launch or else they will revert to an unstruck state. Once the giant collapses, Link must strike the blue crystal on his head with his hammer. This is repeated until Eox falls.

Dungeon Items

This temple holds much of the same items featured in dungeons throughout the Zelda series. These items include Small Keys, the Dungeon Map, the Compass, and the Boss Key.

Boss Key

The boss key is encompassed by several rocks. The hammer must be used to roll them against each other and gain access to the big chest containing the Boss Key.

Small Keys

There are several small keys to be found in the dungeon which will open locked doors.


Aquanine is one of three Pure Metals featured in Phantom Hourglass. It is the final Pure Metal, and is located inside Mutoh's Temple on the Isle of Ruins. Link is given this metal by the spirit of King Mutoh after he vanquishes Eox.