Mutoh's Temple

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Mutoh's Temple
Mutoh Entrance.jpg
Entrance of the Dungeon







Mutoh's Temple is the seventh and final dungeon in Phantom Hourglass. It is located on the Isle of Ruins, in the Northeast Quadrant of the World of the Ocean King.


Before being able to reach the Isle of Ruins, Link must first travel to the Isle of the Dead. After navigating the island, he will meet with Brant and receive the Regal Necklace. This will calm the cyclone that surrounds the Isle of Ruins, allowing Link to reach the island.

When Link first arrives, the Isle of Ruins is partially flooded. Link will make his way to the northwest corner to speak with Bremeur, who will then open a pathway on the island. Next, Link will travel to the northeast corner of the map to meet up with Doyle, who gives Link the King's Key. After taking it back to Bremeur and placing it in the hole, the water on the island will drain.

Link will then travel to the pyramid at the southeast corner of the island, where he will meet Max. Max will open a nearby door and Link will need to solve a puzzle on the island, in order to draw the correct symbol on the red door. Doing so will cause the door to open and after a battle with two Zora Warriors, Link will be able to enter Mutoh's Temple.


The theme of the dungeon matches the undead nature of the Cobble Kingdom. The entire dungeon is filled with Stalfos and Stalfos Warriors. This theme carries on to the dungeon boss, Eox, the Ancient Stone Soldier.

The early portion of Mutoh's Temple has a series of trap doors and timed puzzles where precision and timing are key. Fairly early on in the dungeon, Link will acquire the dungeon item, the Hammer. This allows Link to defeat the newly encountered Shell Spinner enemies, as well as being able to hit old floor switches.

In one one of the open chambers, Link will repeatedly need to hit pyramid switches, which will cause the water level in the room to rise or lower. This allows Link to navigate across bridges that appear, solve puzzles, and progress onward with the dungeon.

Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier

Main article: Eox

Eox is a giant soldier, of which the battle takes up both screens on the Nintendo DS console. Link will need to utilize the Hammer to launch himself in the air and smack the red targets that are all over Eox's body, causing his armor to crumble. Eox will be left with just an inner skeleton and a new set of bolts will appear. Once again smack the bolts that are all over his body, which will cause its body to crumble, leaving only its head.

During this final phase, Link can catapult his body in the air and landing on top of Eox's head, where he can smack his crystal weak spot. After defeating Eox, Link will awarded with a Heart Container and 2 more minutes of Sand of Hours. Link will also acquire the pure metal Aquanine.