Goron Temple

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Goron Temple
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Entrance of the Dungeon







The Goron Temple is the fifth Dungeon in Phantom Hourglass. It is located on Goron Island in the Southeast Quadrant of the World of the Ocean King. Access to the dungeon is granted after visiting the Goron Elder and besting him in a game of trivia as well as overcoming various obstacles including enemies and puzzles.


Being the fifth dungeon in the game the enemies in the Goron Temple are more complex but not the most difficult Phantom Hourglass has to offer.

Dongorongo, Armored Lizard

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The boss features the same unique mechanic permeating most of the Goron Temple, switching between Link and Gongoron. As Gongoron avoid its charge and fire breath. Periodically alter control to Link in order to defend against oncoming Eye Slugs. As Gongoron attack the boss's side and then quickly switch control to Link. Trace a path for your Bombchu on the DS touchscreen towards the beast's mouth. Repeat the process three times.

After this phase is complete Gongoron departs to retrieve the pure metal Crimsonine.

Upon crossing the bridge that appears Dongorongo heaves itself up and the next phase of battle initiates.

In this second furious stage, the beast breathes fire faster than ever before with Eye Slugs appearing more frequently. When it endeavors to suck Link in, throw a Bomb in Dongorongo's mouth to stun it. Slash away with your Sword. Repeat the process several times.

Dungeon Items

This temple holds much of the same items featured in dungeons throughout the Zelda series. These items include Small Keys, the Dungeon Map, the Compass, and the Boss Key.