Rock ChuChu

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Rock ChuChu
Rock ChuChu ST.png
Rock ChuChu as it appears in Spirit Tracks


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The Minish Cap
Veil Falls


Rock ChuChus are reoccurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are one of the many variations of the ChuChu family.


The Minish Cap

Rock ChuChus are found mainly on Mt. Crenel and Veil Falls. To defeat them, Link must break their helmets by either throwing a bomb on it or by breaking it with his sword once he has gained the Rock Breaker ability.

84 Rock Chuchu
Figurine Rock Chuchu (TMC).gif Appears in various areas. These tough Chuchus have rocky heads. It will be hard to damage them until you can knock that rock off.

Phantom Hourglass

Rock ChuChus are Red ChuChus concealed within boulders. They can be defeated after Link removes their rocky shell with Bombs, Bombchus, the Grappling Hook, or the Hammer.