8.1 Overworld Goodies

The next dungeon is located at the northwest corner of the Dark World. There are a few different ways to reach this part of the Overworld. Just to the northeast of the Pyramid of Power, there is a broken bridge. With the Hookshot, you can use a rock to reach the north end of the Dark World.

However, if you are doing the dungeons out of order, there is a second way to reach this part of the Overworld without the Hookshot. To do so, make your way to Kakariko Village in the Light World. Walk to the northwest corner of the town and head north until you enter the Lost Woods. Once you enter, immediately turn to the right and then exit the Lost Woods to the south. Walk southward and use the Magic Hammer to hit the stakes. You can then lift the rock to enter the Dark World.

Now that you have both the Hookshot and access to this part of the Dark World, there is one additional Piece of Heart that you can get. Make your way to the cave that leads to Death Mountain. In the Dark World, this cave is in the same place, although it leads somewhere else.

Inside the cave, make your way to the top floor and you’ll see a gap. Use the Hookshot across the gap to latch onto one of the skulls. Just south of the skull, there is a Bumper that is blocking the way. Use the Magic Cape and walk directly through the Bumper. Exit the cave and grab the Piece of Heart.

It’s now time to make our way to the fourth dungeon, Skull Woods. Unlike most dungeons in this game, Skull Woods contains an overworld component.

8.2 Skull Woods

There are three different indoor sections of the Skull Woods. Unlike most dungeons, the vast majority of the dungeon never needs to be visited. Make your way over to where there the 9 bushes are arranged in a 3×3 pattern. From here, head northwest following the pathway. Cut back southward and enter the dungeon at the skull mouth.

Defeat the two Blue Baris that you encounter, as well as the two Gibdos. The Gibdos in particular can be quite difficult to defeat as they have quite a bit of health. One strategy is to simply use Bombos once, and it will defeat all four enemies in the room. Also beware of the Wallmaster that drops from the ceiling. If he catches Link, he’ll take him back to the entrance of the room and the enemies will reappear.

Lift the skull pot that is in the center of the room. Link will need to pull the statue from the right side of the room onto the switch, which opens the door above. Since you’ll have to pull the statue upwards rather than pushing it.

In the next room there is another collection of enemies. Once again, it is easiest to use Bombos to defeat all of them at once. Open the treasure chest for the Big Key. If you want to fill up your magic meter, you can bomb the wall to the right which leads to a pot that contains magic. Afterward, use the Magic Mirror or allow the Wallmaster to catch you, sending you back to the entrance.

Exit this part of the dungeon and head back northward. Make your way to the arrangement of 9 bushes and slash at them. There is a secret entrance underneath the center bush. Drop down to enter the next part of the dungeon.

Lift one of the pots and toss it at the Helmasaur to defeat it. You might want to get rid of the Hardhat Beetle in the room as well, since it can be quite annoying. There is a cracked wall on the left side of the room. Go ahead and use a Bomb to blow it open, and then head left a screen.

There are some large holes in this room, but if Link walks along the right wall and then the south wall, he can avoid them. Walk to the center of the room and pull the lever, causing the wall below to explode.

Defeat the two Mini-Moldorms here and then open the large treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Fire Rod! Pull out the Hookshot and use it to reach either of the two statues at the south end of the room. Afterwards, exit through the south door.

Once again walk northwest down the pathway and enter the skull mouth as you did to start the dungeon. This time, head through the door to the west and continue left two screens. Lift the pot at the top-left part of the room to grab a small key. Although there is a locked door here, we don’t want to use it here, as it is better used in the next part of the dungeon. Go ahead and exit through the door to the south.

Back outside, walk up the path on the left side and you’ll see a strange looking structure. Pull out the Fire Rod and light up the front of what looks like a nose. This will cause most of it to burn, opening its eyes, and revealing an entrance. Go ahead and enter the final portion of this dungeon.

If you do not have an extra key, you’ll have to head down the stairs on the left and go through a long winding maze to reach a treasure chest with a small key. However, since you acquired one from an earlier part of the dungeon, you can just head north through the locked door.

This room has a number of floor stars. When Link steps on them, the arrangement of the holes on the ground will change. There is also a trio of Baris, as well as a Wallmaster, so be careful. You can cut diagonal corners and carefully walk over the edges of the holes if you’d like, but it is risky. Otherwise, just make your way around the room. Walk to the center of the room, then bottom-left, then top-left, then the four near the top-right, the top-right corner, and then head right a screen.

There are a number of Gibdos in this room, and it is a good idea to get rid of them before progressing. Bombos can defeat them all at once, or you can use the Fire Rod to defeat them with a single shot. There is some extra magic underneath the pots on the right side of the room. In order to progress, Link will need to light the four torches in the room. The bottom three can be lit with the lamp, but you’ll need to use the Fire Rod to light the fourth torch. Once all four are lit, head through the door that opens.

There are a variety of enemies found within this room. You can defeat all of them by using the Bombos medallion, or you can just avoid them. Afterward, slash the wall at the north end of the room to reveal a passage to the next room. There are four more enemies found here, and the Gibdo in particular is holding a small key. Defeat them all, grab the key and head right a screen.

There are two skull pots in this room. One of them contains some magic, so be sure to grab that as you’ll need it for the boss battle. Once you are ready, drop down to take on the dungeon boss, Mothula.

There are a number of ways Link can be harmed during this boss battle. Mothula will shoot our beams of fire in three directions. These can be harmful, with each doing two hearts of damage. There are also the Blade Traps that will move along the floor, with each doing one heart of damage. The ground will constantly change direction, and if Link makes contact with Mothula, he will lose two hearts of damage.

Link can harm Mothula in a variety of ways. The most common method is to use the Fire Rod, which takes 8 hits to defeat Mothula. Alternatively, Link can use his Sword, but it is less powerful and far more risky, as it requires getting rather close to the boss. One surprising way to fight Mothula is to use the Magic Hammer. Four direct hits will defeat the boss.

After defeating Mothula, collect the Heart Container as well as the third Crystal.

  • Hey, i want to explore all the dungeon, man, before taking the Mothula, how can i pass to the other side of the room with that hole at the center, and open that door with the holes around her, and take that treasure chest at the right side of the room just entenring at the strange looking structure part of the temple.

    Kind complicated this, no?

  • Don’t worry, people! I just figure it out, now.

  • Jordy Butter

    “Unlike most dungeons in this game, Skull Woods contains an overworld component. Unlike most dungeons in this game, Skull Woods contains an overworld component.”
    Nice guide, but here is a little mistake!

  • TriforceOfBass

    You said this was a 100% guide, yet you forgot about the compass.

  • EC

    how ?

  • EC

    same question… :/

  • EC

    ok I found it. You get out of the room where the locked door is, from the bottom so you are getting out of the dungeon too.
    In the forest instead of going to the final entrance of the dungeon you go the other way. At the end there’s a hole, you jump in and then you’ll be able to make the locked door accessible just walking on some yellow-star floors.

  • In the outside of the temple, the third exit to be clear, go south to the end of the forest and there will be a hole, just fall down there.

  • aspirine

    Hi there. Thanks a lot for the walktrough.

    PS Protip: if you have a trouble with the boss, catch some bees before the fight. And you can buy some blue medicine (restore health&mana).

  • Link

    Try defeating him with hammer. It took 6 hits not 4 like the guide says.

  • k-chan

    File this under ‘information so trivial i have to wonder why i’m even pointing it out’.

    As per the guide: “There are some large holes in this room, but if Link walks along the right wall and then the south wall, he can avoid them.”

    Alternatively, you can step on the star panel in the previous room and the holes in the switch room will be in a different location, allowing you to walk directly to the switch without risking a fall.

  • k-chan

    this guide begins by saying not all areas of this dungeon are necessary to visit to complete the required tasks. it’s not a huge leap to conclude only the required areas would be covered. besides which, you’re going to get the compass playing through this dungeon, anyway, whether the guide tells you or not.

    even if we assume you’re correct that they actually “forgot about the compass.”, so what? it’s not required to get the compass. and again; you’re going to get it, anyway.

    why do i say “so what”? because as far as a walkthrough that covers all necessary and required tasks to complete the game start to finish– yes, it is a 100% guide.

    i don’t know how many comprehensive game guides you yourself have created, but it is a tedious and time consuming job. a job whose only reward is helping other players.

    how about some appreciation for the work and time invested in making this guide instead of smarmy nit-picking. :/

  • k-chan

    Skull Woods.
    One of the most tedious dungeons in the game. Enter equipped with a lot of patience and some bottled fairies or life/magic potions. You’ll need to rely on magic a few times in this one, so if you don’t carry magic potions be sure to use magic consuming items sparingly.

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    That’s how I did it. I’m surprised that the guide wanted to cheat around it.

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    maybe just an editing oversight but yeah, the guides way is the hard way.

  • Josh

    I don’t know if it’s necessarily the “hard” way of doing it, probably more the lazy man’s way of doing it. I think in my experience with this game you really have to try and fall off the ledge in this room if you do it that way.

  • k-chan

    hi josh. i don’t disagree with you at all.

    in fact i find the difference between the two methods to be minimal which is why i prefaced my own post as being ‘trivial’ and probably not even worth mentioning. you’re right– it’s not hard at all to skirt the edges of the holes. even so, there’s always gonna be someone who maybe will have a little trouble not falling. my post was for that person.

    so, i wasn’t using the expression “the hard way” to mean ‘unduly difficult’, but just as way of saying “hey, there’s another way of doing that that requires less effort and removes any risk of falling”, minimal as that effort and risk may be. 😛

  • Glassman

    not that I have followed the guide (more use it as a guide for items I cant find) but usually 100% guide means all items for a 100% play through. So yes missing the compass does not make it 100% guide, rather this guide seems to be a speed guide which is a big difference.

  • k-chan

    Hi, Glassman. Well, I’m definitely not going to argue that point. And, I like your ‘speed guide’ distinction. I agree that a ‘technical’ definition of what most people usually mean by 100% is indeed 100%. But I’m gonna stand by my assertion but I will amend it; the guide will take you from point A (beginning) to point B (end). It may not be comprehensive since it doesn’t cover every last detail, but it’s a 100% ‘speed guide’ for those who just want to beat the game and need help.
    (Not important, but I beat the game long ago and just found this guide as a useful reference when I decided to play through again.)

    After all that, though, I do wanna say my original comment was not about debating what constitutes a true ‘100%’ guide. It was about showing support to the guide authors for creating a useful walkthrough in response to a comment that just struck me as having kind of a smart-alecky tone to it. Throughout the guide, it’s stated clearly that not all items are covered– more than once in reference to the compass– so no need to chide the authors that they ‘forgot’ the compass. It wasn’t forgotten, it was omitted. And regardless of the omissions, the authors deserve recognition and appreciation for all the work that went into this guide.

    That was my point (useless, anal and ‘douchey’ as it may be). Nothing more. Happy Gaming! 🙂

  • Stardust

    A couple ways to simplify the battle with Mothula are to use the Magic Cape (as Itachi mentions below) or to release the Good Bee. I hit Mothula several times with the Fire Rod before releasing the Good Bee, so I don’t know how many hits the bee is good for, but it definitely helped! I repeated the fight to see if you can just use the Magic Cape and release the Good Bee to do all the work, but the bee can’t do it all! So for anyone having trouble with Mothula, there are several strategy options (Fire Rod, Magic Hammer, Magic Cape and sword, Good Bee), but regardless of the strategy, the easiest approach is to carry a potion to restore your magic and either a potion or a fairy to restore health.

  • Ricardo Muñoz

    Great answer
    Thank man!!!

  • Ably.Saucey

    It’s possible to put a mirror warp portal right out side the dungeon, stand next to middle skull in the left line of skulls. Us the flute to get potions (2), fairies (8)and the good bee(8, ram the fairy statue in the fairy fountain.) Fly back to 3, go through the woods, left log, then right log.

  • Ably.Saucey

    I took your advice and used the bee, I think I hit Mothula twice with the Fire rod after the bee was gone and once with my sword. I had to use a blue potion and a fairy, those spikes are killer.

  • Drewsky

    This is probably the worst, if not one of the worst, bosses in the game. It actually hurts my overall enjoyment of the game. Trying to hit with the hammer is tedious and does not do as much damage as mentioned in this guide. I freakin hate this boss because it almost makes me hate this game.

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    ok. here’s two more big words for you: ‘Self’, ‘Awareness’.

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    God fucking dammit, assume we follow the guide – not that we aren’t

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    I used the hammer and killed it 4 hits. For me, this has been the easiest boss in the game to defeat.

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    I don’t mind it… cause I got an SNES Classic mini… and when I die I just hit reset and down then X and go right back into the game. Wash, rinse, repeat…. OR just succeed eventually either way. 🙂

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    Dude ok I hook shot across that bridge which way am I going? What screens am I looking for? Where the **** is this cave? Up 2 over one? Side ways? Wtf…. How about a guide that Idk…. Guides?

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    I just used the hammer with my last fairy and 4 hits and I bèat Mothula,omg I can’t believe this we won’t talk about how many times I’ve tried