Seven Maidens

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This article is about the girls from A Link to the Past. For the characters in Four Swords Adventures, see Shrine Maidens.
Seven Maidens
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The Seven Maidens




In A Link to the Past, the Seven Maidens, the descendants of the Seven Wise Men, are vanishing one by one. Princess Zelda is the last to remain when she calls out into the night for a Hero's help.

Each of the Seven Maidens are found deep within the Dark World dungeons. Link needs to travel to each of the seven dungeons, defeating the various bosses to free the Maidens.

First Maiden

The first Maiden is found after defeating the Helmasaur King within the Dark Palace. This Maiden tells Link that the land was once the Golden Land where the Triforce was hidden. However, since Ganon wished it, the world had transformed. She suggests that Ganon's ultimate goal is to also conquer the Light World after building his power in the Dark World. Ganon is trying to use the power of the Seven Maidens to open a larger gate between worlds near Hyrule Castle. There is still time and she tells Link that if the Seven Maidens come together, they can break the barrier around Ganon's Tower. She will then show the locations of the other six Maidens on Link's map.

Second Maiden

The second Maiden is found after defeating Arrghus within the Swamp Palace. The Maiden tells Link that the Triforce will grant the wishes of whoever touches it for as long as that person lives. It was because of this power that the Triforce was hidden in the Golden Land, where only a select few knew of its location. This knowledge was lost and Ganondorf found the Golden Land. However, Ganondorf couldn't figure out how to return to the Light World. The Maiden also tells Link there are other Magical Warp Tiles, similar to the one found on Death Mountain. These will allow Link to travel to the Dark World from other locations within the Light World.

Third Maiden

The third Maiden is found after defeating Mothula within the Skull Woods. The Maiden speaks of the prophecy of the Great Cataclysm. It states that if a person who has an evil heart gets the Triforce, a Hero is destined to appear and that hero alone must face the person who began the Great Cataclysm. If the evil one destroys the Hero, nothing can save the world from his wicked reign. Only a person of the Knights of Hyrule, who protected the royalty of Hylia, can become the hero. The Maiden tells Link that he is of that blood-line and that he must rescue Zelda.

Fourth Maiden

The fourth Maiden is found after defeating Blind within the Thieves' Town. She comments that as the Wise Men sealed the way to the Dark Realm, the Knights of Hyrule protected them in the labor. The Knights of Hyrule were allegedly almost exterminated in that battle. Link is perhaps the last of the bloodline. She maintains it is ironic that the last in the bloodline has the potential to become the Hero of Legend. The Maiden believes Link has the potential to triumph over Ganon.

Fifth Maiden

The fifth Maiden is found after defeating Kholdstare within the Ice Palace. She alludes to the Hylia people as well as the Seven Wise Men. She comments that the power of the Hylia is dwindling. In order to reverse this trend, the courage of the Knights of Hyrule must be combined with the wisdom of the Seven Wise Men. She states that only a short time remains before the Dark World engulfs its lighter counterpart completely and Ganon must be stopped immediately.

Sixth Maiden

The sixth Maiden is found after defeating Vitreous within Misery Mire. She informs Link that Ganon needed to capture the Seven Maidens for his power alone was not enough to break the seal of the Seven Wise Men. Using Agahnim as a pawn, Ganon lured the Maidens into the Dark World. Once he broke the weakened seal, Ganon sealed the Maidens within crystals and scattered them about the Dark World for his loyal monsters to guard. She comments that Ganon never expected Link to get so far imbuing the hero with hope as the last Maiden, Princess Zelda, awaits.

Seventh Maiden

The seventh Maiden is Princess Zelda. She is found after defeating Trinexx in Turtle Rock. Zelda remarks that Link is the legendary hero. She maintains she felt this since the first time they met-in the Sanctuary at the start of the game. She goes on to say Ganon is waiting in his Tower to bridge the Light and Dark Worlds thus accomplishing his cruel purpose. If Ganon succeeds in entering the Light World, all hope is lost. But as long as Ganon remains in the Dark World, Link can find and exterminate him. Zelda urges Link to proceed to Ganon's Tower where they will use their combined powers to break the surrounding barrier and return peace to the land.