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Kakariko Storyteller






The Kakariko Storyteller is a character from A Link to the Past.

The Kakariko Storyteller runs the Kakariko Motel, located within Kakariko Village. The building is directly east of the Bug-Catching Kid's house. The front entrance is surrounded by bushes and the Storyteller apologizes about the overgrown yard when spoken to.

Early in the game, Link can speak with the Storyteller and he tells a story about the Zora. He speaks of Zora's Lake at the source of the river and mentions that the treasure of the Zora can turn people into fish. He doesn't mean this literally, but he is referring to Link acquiring the Flippers from King Zora.

Later on in the quest, Link can speak with the Storyteller and this time he talks about the Flute Boy. He mentions that the Flute Boy was able to talk to animals with his Flute. He mentions that the boy had a pet bird, but that the boy traveled to Death Mountain and never returned. This story is in line with a similar story heard by the Flute Boy's Father within the Kakariko Inn.