Twin Lumberjacks

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Twin Lumberjacks







Q. Bumpkin (Brother)

"Two lone Lumberjacks once lived in the north. They logged close to their home until the mist rose from the forest, then the two apparently went to fall trees in other forested regions."

"One day as they were beginning to saw down a tree near their home, the Lumberjacks remarked that something seemed odd about it. They left it standing, and later Link found that the tree had been hollowed out."

— A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide.

The Twin Lumberjacks are a pair of characters from A Link to the Past. The two Lumberjacks go by the names of A. Bumpkin and B. Bumpkin. In the Game Boy Advance remake of A Link to the Past, a third Lumberjack by the name of Q. Bumpkin makes an appearance.

The Twin Lumberjacks are located north of Kakariko Village. They are located in a narrow piece of land just east of the Lost Woods and west of Death Mountain. They make their home at the House of Lumberjacks, near the north end of Hyrule.

The Lumberjacks original travel into the Lost Woods, but because of a mysterious fog that has recently fallen over the forest, they must be careful. Early in the game, the Twin Lumberjacks can be seen sawing down a tree directly to the west of their home. The lumberjack on the right states that there is something strange about the particular tree that they are cutting down.

After Link has acquired the Master Sword from the Lost Woods, he can return to the Lumberjacks. The Lumberjack on the left is delighted that the fog in the forest is clearing, allowing them to go there once again.