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Pikku (Dark World Counterpart)

Thieves, or Friendly Thieves, are characters that appear in A Link to the Past. Unlike enemy Thieves, these characters mean no harm to Link and will not attack him.

Thieves live within Caves, usually surrounded by a collection of Treasure Chests or Jars that contain goodies. When spoken to, some Thieves give Link some advice for his quest, while others give him a significant amount of Rupees. These Thieves serve a very similar role to the Friendly Moblins from The Legend of Zelda.

The Thieves in Hyrule make their main hangout in the Lost Woods. The Den of Thieves can be found here, which is a small hut in the center of the Lost Woods that contains a Piece of Heart. Furthermore, at the northeast end of the Lost Woods, there is a treasure chest game known as the Game of Chance. This is very similar to the Money Making Game from the original The Legend of Zelda.

The Thief that lives within the Den of Thieves informs Link about an ex-member of the Gang of Thieves that is staying at the entrance to the Desert of Mystery. This Thief is referring to the Average Middle-Aged Man, who happens to be a master locksmith. Link can bring a secret Treasure Chest to this man later in the quest to obtain a Magic Bottle.


  • There is a Thief in a secret cave located at the southwest portion of Lake Hylia, just east of the Great Swamp. Bomb the wall against the northern wall to enter the cave. Defeat the four Mini-Moldorms to open the door and reach the Thief. Link can speak to the Thief to acquire 300 Rupees! Furthermore, there are two Red Rupees found in two of the treasure chests, along with Bombs and Arrows.


  • Despite their group being the Gang of Thieves, the Thieves have no relationship to Ganon, the King of Thieves.