Running Man

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Running Man
The Running Man as he appears in Ocarina of Time






The Running Man is a character featured in A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.


A Link to the Past

Located in the center of town nearby to the Sweeping Lady, the Running Man will stand still until Link draws near. Believing that Link is the one who captured Princess Zelda, the Running Man will flee once he comes close.

After Link has completed the Eastern Palace and has acquired the Pegasus Boots from Sahasrahla, he will be able to catch the running man. The running man comments that because of Link's great speed, it must have been easy to capture Princess Zelda. However, he notes that Link doesn't seem like such a bad guy and gives him advice. He tells Link that he can dash into trees, as some of them have valuable items that will fall from their branches.

Once Link has defeated Agahnim, the Running Man will disappear from Kakariko Village. It isn't until the end game credits where he is seen again.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, whilst Link is a child, the Running Man can be found jogging around Hyrule Field during the day. However, he can only be seen after Link has acquired all three Spiritual Stones. In the Happy Mask Side Quest, the Running Man will purchase the Bunny Hood from Link. Even though the mask cost 50 Rupees, the Running Man will pay in an amount that will fill Link's Wallet. When Link is an adult, however, he will find him in a tent in the Gerudo Valley. Link can 'race' him to the entrance to the Kokiri Forest. However, it is impossible to beat him in a race, for he will always finish a second before Link.