Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery

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Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery





Mini-Game Operator




The Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery is a character in Ocarina of Time. She is a member of the Gerudo tribe and runs the Horseback Archery Range at Gerudo's Fortress. In order to play the Horseback Archery mini-game, Link will first need to acquire the Gerudo Token, as well as save Epona from Lon Lon Ranch.

She is frequently referring to Link as a 'Newcomer' or as a 'Rookie', implying her own superiority as an archer. If Link talks to her without a Horse, she tells Link to return once he learns how to ride a horse.[1] When Link speaks to her while riding on Epona, she will accuse him of stealing the horse, before then teaching Link how to play Horseback Archery and challenge him to score at least 1,000 points.[2] If Link successfully scores 1,000 points, he will be awarded a Piece of Heart.

The Gerudo Master will reward Link with an upgraded Quiver if he is able to successfully score at least 1,500 points in the archery game.[3][4]


  1. "Hey, newcomer! This is our horseback archery field. After a lot of hard practice and training, we finally have the skill to hit the bull's-eye while riding like the wind! When you finally learn how to ride a horse, you should come back and try it. It's a dangerous sport, but it's fun!" — Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Hey newcomer, you have a fine horse! I don't know where you stole it from, but... OK, how about challenging this horseback archery? Once the horse starts galloping, shoot the targets with your arrows. Let's see how many points you can score. You get 20 arrows. If you can score 1,000 points, I will give you something good!" — Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery, Ocarina of Time.
  3. "Hey, rookie! You're looking good! Show me your skill again! You should set a new goal of 1,500 points and try again!" — Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery, Ocarina of Time.
  4. "I'll be darned! You are a true master! I will give you an item suitable for a master. This quiver is very important to me. I want you to have it. Take good care of it, OK?" — Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery, Ocarina of Time.