Cursed Rich Family

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Cursed Rich Family
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Cursed Rich Family restored





The Cursed Rich Family is a family from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Cursed Rich Family is a family that has been cursed due to their greed, and all six members have been turned into Skulltulas. The Cursed Rich Man is the head of the household, alongside his five children who live in Kakariko Village, within the House of Skulltula. If Link visits them, the father of the family asks if he can help them by collecting all of the Gold Skulltula Tokens. Link can do this by killing Gold Skulltulas. Getting all 100 tokens is no easy task, for they are scattered all over Hyrule and some are well hidden, but Link gets rewarded if he actually does it.


This is a completely optional side-quest, but if Link wants to do it, the family will give rewards. For each 10 tokens (up to 50), a boy from the family will be returned to normal, and if all 100 tokens are found, the father will be returned to normal as well.

Tokens Obtained Reward
  10 Tokens Adult's Wallet
  20 Tokens Stone of Agony (N64 version)
Shard of Agony (3DS version)
  30 Tokens Giant's Wallet
  40 Tokens Bombchu ×10
  50 Tokens Piece of Heart
100 Tokens Huge Rupee (unlimited)