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When you defeat enemies they will normally drop hearts or rupees. Sometimes, they will drop items called Treasure. These items can be collected and used to upgrade various weaponry and other items, such as swords, shields, and equipment. This can be done at Gondo's Scrap Shop in the Bazaar as long as you have enough of the Treasure required.

Not all enemies drop treasure, however. Some treasure can only be found on the ground in a specific region or time as well. The odds of finding treasure will increase if you have the Treasure Medal in possession.

In addition to upgrading your gear, treasure can also be sold. You can enter Rupin the Item Shop Owner's house at night, and he will buy treasure from you for a cheap price.

Listed below are all of the treasures available in Skyward Sword. You can click on a link to view more information about that treasure, including a screenshot showing the item; an image of the treasure from the game; and a short description of the treasure.

Image Name Location Sale Price Upgrades
Amber Relic (Skyward Sword).png Amber Relic Various Areas 30 Rupees Banded Shield (×2)
Scattershot (×2)
Braced Shield (×3)
Tough Beetle (×4)
Medium Seed Satchel (×4)
Medium Quiver (×5)
Ancient Flower (Skyward Sword).png Ancient Flower Lanayru Desert
Lanayru Sand Sea
30 Rupees Big Bug Net (×2)
Quick Beetle (×2)
Tough Beetle (×3)
Bird Feather (Skyward Sword).png Bird Feather Faron Woods 20 Rupees Divine Shield (×2)
Goddess Shield (×3)
Blue Bird Feather (Skyward Sword).png Blue Bird Feather Faron Woods
Moonlight Merchant
100 Rupees Fortified Shield (×1)
Goddess Shield (×1)
Tough Beetle (×1)
Large Seed Satchel (×1)
Medium Bomb Bag (×1)
Dusk Relic (Skyward Sword).png Dusk Relic Silent Realms
Moonlight Merchant
30 Rupees Divine Shield (×1)
Scattershot (×2)
Medium Quiver (×3)
Large Quiver (×3)
Goddess Shield (×4)
Eldin Ore (Skyward Sword).png Eldin Ore Eldin Volcano 30 Rupees Reinforced Shield (×2)
Fortified Shield (×2)
Iron Bow (×2)
Evil Crystal (Skyward Sword).png Evil Crystal Cursed Bokoblins
Dark Keese
Bamboo Island
Moonlight Merchant
Treasure Chests
30 Rupees Big Bug Net (×1)
Iron Bow (×1)
Sacred Bow (×2)
Goddess Plume (Skyward Sword).png Goddess Plume Bamboo Island
Thrill Digger
Moonlight Merchant
Treasure Chests
100 Rupees Tough Beetle (×1)
Sacred Bow (×1)
Large Quiver (×1)
Golden Skull (Skyward Sword).png Golden Skull Bokoblins
Bamboo Island
Moonlight Merchant
Treasure Chests
100 Rupees Quick Beetle (×1)
Large Seed Satchel (×1)
Large Bomb Bag (×1)
Large Quiver (×1)
Hornet Larvae.png Hornet Larvae Deep Woods 20 Rupees Quick Beetle (×2)
Large Bomb Bag (×2)
Jelly Blob (Skyward Sword).png Jelly Blob ChuChus
Deku Babas
30 Rupees Banded Shield (×1)
Scattershot (×3)
Large Bomb Bag (×4)
Lizard Tail (Skyward Sword).png Lizard Tail Lizalfos 30 Rupees Medium Bomb Bag (×1)
Large Bomb Bag (×3)
Sacred Bow (×3)
Monster Claw (Skyward Sword).png Monster Claw Keese
Treasure Chests
30 Rupees Banded Shield (×2)
Braced Shield (×2)
Reinforced Shield (×2)
Fortified Shield (×3)
Iron Bow (×3)
Medium Seed Satchel (×3)
Large Seed Satchel (×3)
Monster Horn (Skyward Sword).png Monster Horn Bokoblins
Moonlight Merchant
Treasure Chests
30 Rupees Goddess Shield (×3)
Medium Quiver (×3)
Large Quiver (×2)
Ornamental Skull (Skyward Sword).png Ornamental Skull Bokoblins 30 Rupees Braced Shield (×1)
Reinforced Shield (×2)
Divine Shield (×3)
Medium Seed Satchel (×3)
Medium Bomb Bag (×3)
Tumbleweed (Skyward Sword).png Tumbleweed Lanayru Desert 20 Rupees Braced Shield (×2)
Fortified Shield (×3)
Big Bug Net (×3)
Sacred Bow (×5)