Dark Keese

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Dark Keese
536px-Dark Keese Art.png
Concept Art from Hyrule Historia


1-2 Heart.png Contact





Target lock: Dark Keese

Found in many locations, these winged
monsters are attracted to dark places,
such as caves.

They often gather in colonies, are
active at night, and sleep in the day.
Those who come too close and awaken
them often fall victim to attack.

Dark Keese are enemies that appear exclusively in Skyward Sword.

Dark Keese are another new variation of Keese that appear in Skyward Sword. They can be found in the Fire Sanctuary, Eldin Volcano, Volcano Summit, and Earth Temple. They act much like regular Keese, but if they make contact with Link, they will curse Link; making his items unusable for a few seconds. They can be defeated in the same way as their counterparts. When defeated, Dark Keese will sometimes drop an Evil Crystal.

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