Evil Crystal

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Evil Crystal
Evil Crystal (Skyward Sword).png




100 Rupees (Moonlight Merchant)


30 Rupees (Rupin)



Evil Crystals are collectible treasures found in Skyward Sword. Described as pure, crystallized monster malice,[1] this treasure is very hard to find.[2]

They can be won on Bamboo Island, purchased from the Moonlight Merchant for 100 Rupees, or found in Treasure Chests across the land.[3] They are also very rarely dropped by Cursed Bokoblins, Dark Lizalfos, and Dark Keese.[4][5][6] On some occasions, they are dropped by Gossip Stones after awakening them with the Goddess's Harp.

Link can take Evil Crystals to the Scrap Shop to upgrade the Bug Net into the Big Bug Net and the Bow into the Iron Bow and Sacred Bow. In addition, they can be sold to Rupin for 30 Rupees.


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