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Greba (Mother)


His name is Gondo, and he is a big-
hearted craftsman. He runs a business
repairing broken equipment, and he
lives with his elderly mother.

Gondo is the owner of the Scrap Shop from Skyward Sword. He can repair Link's Shield and upgrade Link's items using the various Treasures he has collected.[1] Judging by the wrench on his family or personal crest, this man is a mechanic by trade.

This Scrap Shop owner is a jovial fellow, speaking to Link loudly and energetically. He is the owner of Scrapper, and is often ridiculed by the citizens of Skyloft for believing that Scrapper could be fixed.[2] He tries to fix said robot, but unfortunately to not avail due to the lack of necessary materials.[3] Link, however, provides Gondo with the oils of an Ancient Flower, which in turn ables Gondo to fix Scrapper.[4][5] Due to Link's assistance in reviving Scrapper, he is permitted to use Scrapper's abilities at his own will.[6]

Gondo lives with his mother, and spends most of his time building things and trying to fix Scrapper.[7] His mother dislikes Gondo's obsession with fixing Scrapper and engineering, and complains about it, and is often seen washing Gonzo's clothes.



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