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Lopsa is a character in Skyward Sword. He is a member of the Kikwi race that lives in the Faron Woods. Like most of his race, he is cowardly, and hides from anything, including Link himself.


When Link visits the Faron Woods in search of Zelda, the Kikwi elder, Bucha, asks him to search for his missing friends.[1] Link finds Lopsa stuck on a tree branch high above the ground with an angry Bokoblin trying to reach him. Upon spotting Link, the Bokoblin calls back-up with its horn and they attack. After Link defeats them all, Lopsa calls down to him and asks for assistance because his legs are shaking too much.[2] Link can roll into the tree to make Lopsa fall to the ground.[3] Lopsa is glad to hear that the elder is safe, and he wants Link to tells Bucha that he is all right.[4]

Later, Lopsa is trapped on a lilypad with Machi when the Faron Woods is flooded. Lopsa tells Link that the Water Dragon must be around the woods somewhere.[5] After Link removes the water, Lopsa wanders around the gray structure that is outside the entrance to the Deep Woods. He complains about how boring it is, although he acknowledges that is better than being in danger all the time.[6]


  • Since Kikwi names appear to be derived from various teas, "Lopsa" is a possible reference to Lapsang souchong black tea.


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