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Peatrice (Daughter)


His name is Peater, a swordsman who is
thought of as quite handsome. He was
once a knight, and he is also the father
of Peatrice, from Item Check.
He likes to chop bamboo, and he is very
protective of his daughter as he tries
to keep amorous boys much like his
younger self away from her.

Peater is a male character featured in Skyward Sword. He is the overprotective father of the Item Check girl, Peatrice. He tries to protect her from amorous boys, like his younger self.

After graduating from the Knight Academy he went off to become a pop idol. When he retired from being an idol, he gained considerate weight. To lose this weight he put on his old gear and started cutting bamboo. He is found on Bamboo Island, the island with a huge bamboo in the center. If Link talks to him, he asks Link if he wants to cut bamboo, adding the challenge of seeing how many cuts Link can get before the bamboo falls. This is one of the many mini-games Skyward Sword has to offer.