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Leader of the Parella




Her name is Jellyf. She is the leader of
the Parella race of aquatic creatures.

More intelligent than other Parella,
they follow her lead. She serves the
Water Dragon, Faron.

Jellyf is a young female Parella that resides in Lake Floria in Skyward Sword. Her intelligence is much greater than the average Parella, causing her to be their leader. Aside from leading the Parella, she is a servant under the Water Dragon, Faron. Jellyf is first startled and annoyed by the sudden appearance of Link in Lake Floria[1], but comes to realize he means to help by noticing the Water Dragon's Scale he has equipped.[2] She then leads him to Faron, who then explains about Ghirahim's most recent attack.[3]


  • Unlike most Parella, Jellyf is red in color.


  1. "Quit following me, pest! If you don't move along, I'll be forced to tell Her Excellence the Water Dragon about your little incursion!" — Jellyf, Skyward Sword.
  2. "GAH! How is that even possible? I've never seen a human pull off a spin like that! Wait... That's a Water Dragon's Scale! Does that make you the emissary of the goddess, like the Water Dragon said? Hey, I've got an idea! Maybe you can help Her Excellence!" — Jellyf, Skyward Sword
  3. "Her Excellence is just up ahead. Please, go in and speak with her!" — Jellyf, Skyward Sword.