Lake Floria

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Lake Floria is an area flooded by beautiful rushing water from Skyward Sword. It is the home of the Parella and the Water Dragon.


Link first heads to Lake Floria in search of the first Sacred Flame, Farore's Flame. Yerbal, an elderly Kikwi, hints at how to enter the lake. Link must complete the symbol of Farore on a door leading to the lake with a circle using his Skyward Strike. Link can then dive into the lake, where a strong current will push him to where the Parella live. Jellyf, the leader of the Parella race, leads Link through Lake Floria. At the end of the lake after passing through many obstacles, they will arrive to the Water Dragon's chambers. After a short confrontation, she opens a passage behind the waterfall that leads to Ancient Cistern.


Other Appearances

Breath of the Wild

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Lake Floria is a location in Breath of the Wild.