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Mallara (Mother)

Pipit is a resident of Skyloft, and a recent graduate of the Knight Academy in Skyward Sword. He lives with his mother, Mallara.

Appearance and Personality

Pipit is the local Loftwing expert of Skyloft. He has brown hair, wears a yellow tunic, long pants, and blue gloves and belt that signify that he has graduated from the Knight Acadamy during one of the previous semesters. He thinks he is a very important figure, which he is to some degree, but brags a little more than he should.

Role in the Plot

Pipit's overall role in the plot is minor, but he does have his small moments. He patrols around the Knight Academy at night, searching for any dangers that might be lurking.

After learning that Link's Loftwing is missing, and not responding to his calls, Pipit offers to help him find it. He suggests Link should visit the plaza and speak to some of the towns people while he asks around the academy. In addition to that, Link can offer to help his mother clean their house. She offers 20 Rupees for his assistance. As the game progresses further, Link can stop by their house at night to find Pipit yelling at his mother for wasting her money on a housekeeper.

Upon learning from Link that Cawlin is interested in dating Karane, Pipit steps in and takes her for himself. Link is then rewarded with five Gratitude Crystals for bringing the two together.