Cawlin's Love Letter

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Cawlin's Love Letter



Defeating The Imprisoned for the first time



Delivering Cawlin's Letter


Cawlin's Love Letter is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


Dovos's Rumor (Optional)

After defeating The Imprisoned in the Sealed Grounds, you'll see Dovos in the Bazaar has a thought bubble over his head. He mentions weird things going on in the Knight Academy.

Henya's Complaint (Optional)

The lunch lady is upset that someone is making noise in the bathroom late at night. Makes it hard to get any sleep!

Voice From The Bathroom?

Sleep in any bed, then head to the bathroom at the end of the hall on the lower level. As you approach, you'll hear moaning. Get closer and a ghost-sounding voice will tell you that it's in dire need of paper. Ew.

A Very Important Letter

Only after you've spoken with the person in the bathroom, from then on, you can find Cawlin hanging out on the lower level during the day. Speak with him to hear of his plight. He's got his eyes on one of his senior class-men of the female nature. He's too embarrassed to deliver the letter himself though; you wouldn't mind helping him out, right? What? That weirdo in the bathroom wants paper? By no means should you give that person his letter!

Note: You can only choose one of the options below. It is not possible to complete both.

Option A: "???"

The first option for delivering the letter is to bring it to the bathroom at night. Inform the voice that you have paper and whoever it is will unlock the door. Inside, you'll see a ghostly apparition of a pale, floating hand hanging out in the toilet. Offer it the letter and after assuring that it's okay to use it, the hand will thank you and disappear.

Cawlin's Frightened

Sleep in a bed until day, then go find Cawlin. Let him know of your decision and he'll be very upset. He storms off crying and hides in Groose's room. From now on, whenever you speak with him, he'll be very angry with you.

Hand Love

Sleep in any of the other beds in the Academy, then go to Groose's room. Cawlin is sleeping in Groose's bed and the hand is caressing him lovingly. Speak with the hand and it'll explain how happy it is to have found someone with such tender, heartfelt feelings and will never leave Cawlin's side! This will grant you five Gratitude Crystals.

Option B: Deliver The Letter To Karane

The other option is to deliver the letter to Karane like Cawlin wanted. She'll get very excited, thinking it's from Pipit, but after reading it, she's in for a surprise once she reaches the signature. She feels bad, but not bad enough to actually date Cawlin. "Sigh... I wonder what Pipit would think if he knew about this..."

Upperclassman's Concern

Pipit can be found upstairs patrolling the halls. Speak with him to inform him of the letter and he'll get very flustered, trying to rationalize his reaction. Uh-huh, yeah, I see how it is... =)


Head back downstairs and enter the classroom where Cawlin is talking with Karane about the letter. Before long, Pipit interrupts and pronounces his affection. Karane agrees to date the guy in yellow, causing Cawlin to run off crying (déjà vu man). The couple will express their thankfulness to you and you'll receive five Gratitude Crystals. From now on, they'll both thank you for getting them together while Cawlin hides in Groose's room and cries himself to sleep.