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Orielle (Sister)


Parrow is a character in Skyward Sword. Just like his sister, Orielle, he adores Loftwings and has vast knowledge about them. He can often be seen near the The Plaza walking around calmly. He later worries for his sister Orielle, and sends Link to search for her.[1][2] When Link locates her out in the The Sky, she is seen crashed on a small island with her injured bird. Link rides back to the Plaza and informs Parrow about his sister's accident. He will then give Link the Mushroom Spores, a potion that will heal any injured birds.[3]Link can then ride to Orielle and give her the Mushroom Spores to let her heal her bird. When Orielle's bird is fully healed, Link will be rewarded with 10 Gratitude Crystals, 5 from both Orielle and Parrow, as well as being allowed to keep the Bottle given to him by Parrow.[4]


  1. "So you see, a short while ago my little sister went out for a quick flight, but she hasn't come home yet. It was getting late for her to still be out, so I went looking for her everywhere... But I couldn't find her. I just hope nothing has happened. ...I'm worried sick thinking about it." — Parrow, Skyward Sword.
  2. "Hey, [Link], would you mind helping me look for her?" — Parrow, Skyward Sword.
  3. "What?! You found my sister?! Her bird's injured and can't fly?! That's terrible! In that case, take her this as quick as you can! These are Mushroom Spores. They will heal the bird's injury." — Parrow, Skyward Sword.
  4. "[Link]! My sister is safe! I'm so relieved! I was getting so worried there. All these worst-case scenarios kept popping into my head. What? You're the one who gave my sister the bird medicine? Thank you so much! I don't have much to give you to repay you, but please take this with my gratitude!" — Parrow, Skyward Sword.