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Peater (Father)


Peatrice is a character in Skyward Sword. She is in charge of the Item Check in the Bazaar. She lives with her father, the man at Bamboo Island. She's always bored because no one stores items with her, which often ignites daydreams of her meeting the perfect man.[1] After Link visits her for a while, she will start to notice him, and will eventually get excited for all of his visits.[2] This triggers a side quest.

Side Quest

If Link goes to her house at night (below the Bazaar, next to the small pumpkin patch), he can see a speech bubble above her father's head. If Link talks to him, he will tell the hero that his daughter is distracted too often, and that he believes she has a secret admirer. He asks Link to break the two of them apart. If Link visits her during the day, Peatrice asks him to see her at her house at night. For easy travel go to her house and sleep in her bed until night, and talk to her.

There are two possible outcomes: Link tells her he loves her or he breaks her heart. If he tells her that he doesn't have any feelings for her, she will cry and will treat the hero like a normal customer for the rest of the game; her father, though, will be happy that she is no longer in love and will give Link 5 Gratitude Crystals. If Link chose "yes", Peatrice is relieved that he shares mutual feelings with her, and he will receive the 5 Gratitude Crystals from her instead of her father. She then realizes Link must finish his quest before they can truly be together, and asks Link to keep it a secret for now. However, the game's ultimate outcome will not be altered.


  • If Link chooses that he does have feelings for Peatrice, Fi will recommend that the hero should not tell Zelda about his new found romance. [3]


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