Phantom Hourglass Trading Sequence

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The Phantom Hourglass Trading Sequence is a relatively short sequence, compared to other games. It is comprised of only four trade items and the Swordsman's Scroll as a reward. This sequence involves trading with the people aboard the four Traveler's Ships and the Old Wayfarer.


After Link boards the Traveler's Ship belonging to the Man of Smiles and defeats the enemies that appear, the Man of Smiles appears and gives Link a choice of a normal item, a Treasure Chart, or a mysterious item, the Hero's New Clothes.[1] Either way, the Man of Smiles will give Link both as a show of generosity.[2][3] Link must then travel to the four other ships scattered throughout the World of the Ocean King to complete the rest of the sequence. The items given to Link are mostly useless other than to trade for another item, except for the reward, of course.


After completing the last trade with the Old Wayfarer and talking to him a second time, Link is told to return to Bannan Island to receive his prize. Once back at the Old Wayfarer's house, Link receives the Swordsman's Scroll, a mysterious scroll that allows him to execute the Great Spin Attack after three consecutive spins. After completing the Trading Sequence, Link can return to the Man of Smiles and if he saves him again from the enemies, he can earn a Prize Postcard, which can be mailed in to later receive Treasure or Ship Parts.


Item Held Item Is Given To Ship Name Area Of Sea Item Received
None N/A Man of Smiles's Ship Northeast Sea Hero's New Clothes
Hero's New Clothes[4] Nyeve Prince of Red Lions Northwest Sea Telescope
Telescope[5] Hoiger Howgendoogen Ho Ho Tribe's Ship Southeast Sea Guard Notebook
Guard Notebook[6] Nyave Guard's Ship Southwest Sea Wood Heart
Wood Heart[7] Old Wayfarer S.S. Wayfarer Southeast Sea Swordsman's Scroll[8], once Link returns to Bannan Island.


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