Giant Eye Plant

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Giant Eye Plant



Southwestern Sea
Northwestern Sea


Access to Molida Island


Spiked Ball


The Giant Eye Plant is a type of Eye Plant found in Phantom Hourglass. It is a mini-boss that appears in the Southwest Quadrant, near Molida Island in the World of the Ocean King.


The Giant Eye Plant will first appear after Link acquires the Sun Key and is heading to Molida Island in route to the Temple of Courage. When Link approaches the island, the Giant Eye Plant will block the entrance to the dock. Clouds will appear in the sky and the atmosphere will turn very dreary.

The battle takes place at sea and the player can trace a pathway for the boat to move around the Giant Eye Plant. The goal is to use the Cannon to shoot the eye of the eye plant. The enemy will occasionally shoot out a green projectile that can deal damage to Linebeck's Ship. Use your Cannon to his these green projectiles, which sometimes drop a Recovery Heart. Keep on the move and repeatedly strike the eye with your Cannon to defeat the enemy.

Once defeat, the sky will clear up and Link will be able to dock at Molida Island.

Second Appearance

A second, optional encounter with the Giant Eye Plant takes place during the Trading Sequence. After Link meets the Old Wayfarer on his boat in the Southeast Quadrant, he is tasked to return to Bannan Island to get his reward. As he approaches, the Giant Eye Plant will appear. The battle is identical to the first encounter and once defeated, Link will be able to dock at Bannan Island.