Great Spin Attack

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Great Spin Attack


How to Perform

Execute three Spin Attacks in a row


Rapidly spin while moving around, attacking a large area

The Great Spin Attack is a sword maneuver found in Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and A Link Between Worlds


Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

If Link executes the Spin Attack three times in a row, he starts the Great Spin Attack. The spin trail turns orange, and Link spins for several seconds much faster than usual. Link can also be moved with the stylus while spinning because Link does not need to draw any more circles. It can be very useful to defeat a lot of enemies at once (since while doing the attack, Link is invincible and hurts any enemies that touch him), or to strike a boss multiple times during a timed stun (e.g. when stopping time using a Phantom Sphere while fighting Bellum). In both games, the Swordsman's Scroll is required to be able to execute this move. In Phantom Hourglass, it is the reward for the game's Trading Sequence. In Spirit Tracks, Link must collect 20 Stamps and bring them back to Niko.

A Link Between Worlds

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