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This article is about the item from The Wind Waker. For the item in Phantom Hourglass, see Kaleidoscope.
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Looking at distant objects


The Telescope is an item in The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker

The seagull-marked telescope is the most prized possession of Link's sister, Aryll.[1] She loans it to Link as a birthday gift. Link immediately uses the Telescope to see the postman, Quill acting strange while deliver mail. This leads to the Helmaroc King appearing at Outset Island. After a series of events, Aryll is then kidnapped and Link holds on to it for the remainder of the game.

Identifying Quill with the Telescope at the start of the game is the only required usage of the item. However, Link is able to use it throughout to see various things in the distance. It is useful on the Great Sea to identify things that are too far in the distance, such as Seagulls. These usually indicate the prescience of a Big Octo.



  1. "I'm going to give you my most treasured belonging...but just for one day!" — Aryll, The Wind Waker.