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Hoiger Howgendoogen



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Hoiger Howgendoogen is a character in Phantom Hourglass. He is a part of the game's Trading Sequence. After obtaining the Kaleidoscope from Nyeve, Link can take it to the Traveler's Ship in the southeastern quadrant. Inside, he finds the Ho Ho Tribe, where each member of the tribe has a Telescope. Hoiger Howgendoogen is located in the bottom left corner of the ship, where he is the only one without a telescope. Link hears him mumbling about having dropped something.[1] When he sees the Kaleidoscope, he asks to see it.[2] If Link lets him, he claims that it is his, pointing out small text on the back with his name written on it.[3] When he tries to say his name, he bites his tongue.[4] Hoiger Howgendoogen exchanges the Kaleidoscope for the Guard Notebook. From then on, he can be found looking through the Kaleidoscope.[5]


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