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The Kaleidoscope is an item in Phantom Hourglass. It is the second item in the Trading Sequence. Link receives it from Nyeve after giving him the Hero's New Clothes.[1] At first, it appears to be a Telescope, but it is revealed to just be a Kaleidoscope.[2] Nyeve jokes about how he got it from his sister (parodying how Link receives the telescope from Aryll in The Wind Waker) before admitting that he found it in his travels and hopes it can be of use.[3]

Link can then take the Kaleidoscope to the Ho Ho Tribe's ship. He finds Hoiger Howgendoogen muttering in the corner about how he lost something.[4] When he notices Link's kaleidoscope, he asks to see it.[5] He claims that it is his, pointing out the small writing with his name on it.[6] In order to thank him for returning it, Hoiger Howgendoogen offers Link the Guard Notebook.[7] After, Hoiger Howgendoogen can be seen staring through his kaleidoscope at any time on this ship.[8]



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