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Treasure Map
The Treasure Map from Phantom Hourglass




200 Rupees


Oracle of Seasons
Show the locations of Jewels
Phantom Hourglass
Locate Treasures below the sea


Treasure Maps are items that appear in Oracle of Seasons and Phantom Hourglass. They have very different functions in each respective appearance.


Oracle of Seasons

Treasure Map OOS.png

The Treasure Map makes its debut in Oracle of Seasons as a quest item. Link can purchase the Treasure Map at the back of the Horon Village Shop for 200 Rupees once he purchases the Member's Card at the Subrosia Market. It shows the location of the four Jewels scattered across Holodrum that, once obtained, open the gate blocking Tarm Ruins.

Phantom Hourglass

Main article: Phantom Hourglass Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are also found in Phantom Hourglass, but they act similar to the Treasure Charts in The Wind Waker. These maps have a pink color, similar to the Special Charts in The Wind Waker. There are 31 maps in this game, and they show Link the location of hidden treasures that lie at the bottom of the ocean, which he can retrieve with the Salvage Arm. The treasures inside these hidden chests are usually Sand of Hours, parts for Linebeck's ship, or large quantities of Rupees.