Rod of Seasons

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Rod of Seasons
Link holding Rod of Seasons.png
Artwork of Link holding the Rod of Seasons




Change the seasons
Defeat undead enemies
Repel certain objects and enemies


The Rod of Seasons is a plot-significant item in Oracle of Seasons. As its name implies, it has the power to alter the seasons of Holodrum.

Oracle of Seasons


After completing the Gnarled Root Dungeon, Link comes across a portal to the subterranean realm of Subrosia, the resting place of the Temple of Seasons after Onox caused it to sink underground. The Rod of Seasons is located in the temple's central chamber, and it can only be used after being imbued with blessings of the four season spirits who reside in the surrounding towers. Link must return to Subrosia and the temple frequently in order to empower the rod with new blessings: winter to enter Snake's Remains, summer to enter Poison Moth's Lair, spring to enter Dancing Dragon Dungeon, and fall to enter Unicorn's Cave.

The power of the rod will manifest only if Link uses it when standing atop a tree stump in Holodrum. It will cause the environment of the immediate area to cycle through the different seasons. Each season has different effects that will change the landscape of Holodrum's overworld, enabling travel to previously inaccessible areas and causing different Mystical Seeds to grow.

In Spring:

  • Flowers that are rock-hard and impassible otherwise will bloom, making them easy to cut with Link's sword.
  • Blast Blooms will bloom, allowing Link to hop in them and be rocketed to a ledge above.
  • Scent Seeds will grow.

In Summer:

  • The hot sun will cause certain lakes and rivers to dry up, enabling access to areas without the use of the Flippers or causing hidden caves to appear.
  • Vines will grow, giving Link the ability to climb them to previously unreachable areas.
  • Mystery and Gale Seeds will grow.

In Autumn:

In Winter:

  • Snowdrifts pile up, blocking Link's path or allowing him to reach areas he could not reach before.
  • Some rivers and lakes freeze over, allowing Link to walk over the ice.
  • Some trees will lose their leaves, making them thinner and giving Link room to get past them.
  • Ember Seeds will grow.

When used otherwise, Link swings the Rod of Seasons in the same manner as his sword, which deals damage to undead enemies and knocks all others back. In the final battle with Onox, the rod can be used to knock Din's crystal out of Link's path without being electrocuted, after Onox resorts to using her as a shield against Link's attacks.