Rod of Seasons

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Rod of Seasons
Link holding Rod of Seasons.png
Artwork of Link holding the Rod of Seasons.




Change the Season


The Rod of Seasons is an item received in Oracle of Seasons. It is a key item and is used by jumping atop a tree stump and, thus, summoning the power of the needed season. The Rod of Seasons is imbued with the powers of the four Spirits of the Seasons, who are located in the Temple of Seasons. These four spirits are met throughout the game after certain events. Aside from its powers the rod could also be used to push back enemies, although it is rarely if ever used this way it is sometimes quite useful in pushing away Like Likes or Moblins.



In the game, the Rod of Seasons' appearance is red and white with an orb shaped design at the end. In Link's inventory, the Rod will have small icons surrounding it indicating which seasons it is currently able to control.

In the official artwork, the Rod looks somewhat different. It appears to be made of a blue-silver metal with gold trim. The orb at the end has four empty circular slots, one on each side. As the Rod gains the power to control a new season, a round icon indicating that season will fill its respective slot.


The Rod of Seasons is imbued with the power to control seasons. To use it, Link simply needs to jump onto a stump and wave the Rod, and the seasons will change with each wave.

The seasons cycle in order through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season has different effects that will change the landscape of Holodrum's overworld, enabling travel to previously inaccessible areas and causing different Mystical Seeds to grow.

In Spring:

  • Flowers that are rock-hard and impassible otherwise will bloom, making them easy to cut with Link's sword.
  • Blast Blooms will bloom, allowing Link to hop in them and be rocketed to a ledge above.
  • Some springs and lakes will swell with the melting snow, obscuring watery obstacles.
  • Scent Seeds will grow.

In Summer:

  • The hot sun will cause certain lakes and rivers to dry up, enabling access to areas without the use of the flippers or causing hidden caves to appear (see Golden Beasts side-quest).
  • Vines will grow, giving Link the ability to climb them to previously unreachable areas.
  • Mystery and Gale Seeds will grow.

In Autumn:

  • Fallen leaves cover holes, letting Link cross safely.
  • Rock Mushrooms (Petri-Fungi) will become soft, allowing Link to lift them with the Power Bracelet.
  • Pegasus Seeds will grow.

In Winter:

  • Snowdrifts pile up, blocking Link's path or allowing him to reach areas he could not reach before.
  • Some rivers and lakes freeze over, allowing Link to walk over the ice.
  • Some trees will lose their leaves, making them thinner and giving Link room to get past them.
  • Ember Seeds will grow.

Beyond controlling seasons, the Rod also has a few other uses. It can be used to push certain enemies away, but does not cause damage to most enemies. Perhaps its best use against foes is against Ghinis, who die in just one hit from the Rod as opposed to three from the Noble Sword. It also can be used in the battle against Onox's second form to deflect the crystal Din is trapped in he guards himself with.