Master's Plaque

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Master's Plaque
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Obtaining the Master's Plaque




To obtain the Zora's Flippers

"You got the Master's Plaque!

Take it to the master!"

— In-Game Description[1]
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The Master's Plaque is a quest item from Oracle of Seasons. It belongs to the Master Diver, and Link must obtain it to prove himself worthy of becoming his pupil.[2] Only then does he obtain the Zora's Flippers.

The plaque is located inside a cave above a waterfall in the Sunken City, and Link can only reach it with the help of Dimitri. After Link hits the four eye statues simultaneously, a staircase leading to the plaque will appear. Once Link acquires the plaque, he must return it to the Master Diver in exchange for the Zora's Flippers, making Link his pupil and telling him the location of his secret diving spot.[3][4]



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