Engine Grease

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Engine Grease





Can be traded for the Phonograph

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 キカイあぶら
France Française Huile Moteur (Motor Oil)
Spain Español Grasa de Motor (Motor Grease)
Germany Deutsch Schmierfett (Grease)
Italy Italiana Olio Motore (Motor Oil)

"You got Engine Grease for your ."

— In-Game Description

The Engine Grease is the eleventh item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It is an engine lubricant, one of the best around.[1]

The Engine Grease can be obtained from Tick Tock, a man who operates the Clock Shop in Horon Village. Tick Tock wants to make the best Cuckoo Clock ever, but he has yet to find a Wooden Bird that is breathtaking to use.[2] If Link shows him the Wooden Bird that he got from Syrup, Tick Tock is amazed of its beauty, and asks to have it.[3] As thanks for the Wooden Bird, Tick Tock gives Link the Engine Grease,[4] saying that everyone loves to play with engines.[5]

The Engine Grease can be used to acquire the twelfth and final item in the trading sequence, the Phonograph. This exchange occurs with Guru-Guru, a strange man who can be found near the Windmill in the Eastern Suburbs of Holodrum. Guru-Guru enjoys watching the Windmill go around and around, so he wants some oil to make it go faster.[6] After seeing Link's Engine Grease, Guru-Guru asks if the grease will make the Windmill go faster.[7] If Link says yes, Guru-Guru takes the Engine Grease and gives Link the Phonograph in return.[8]



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