Lon Lon Egg

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Lon Lon Egg
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ロンロンたまご (Lon Lon Egg)
France Française Oeuf Lon Lon (Lon Lon Egg)
Spain Español Huevo Lon Lon (Lon Lon Egg)
Germany Deutsch Lon Lon-Ei (Lon Lon Egg)
Italy Italiana Uovo Lon Lon (Lon Lon Egg)

"The turned into a Lon Lon Egg! It's a beauty aid?!?"

— In-Game Description

The Lon Lon Egg is the second item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It appears to be a simple chicken egg, but is apparently all the rage with cute girls.[1] The Quest Status Screen says the Lon Lon Egg is "a girl's best beauty aid."[2] It is wanted by many, including Syrup's apprentice Maple.[3]

The Lon Lon Egg is obtained from Malon, a small girl who lives in a small house in North Horon, along with her father Talon. Speaking with Malon reveals that Talon went up Mt. Cucco, leaving her to care for the hens all by herself; however, she doesn't have enough information to take care of them.[4] Once Link has obtained the Cuccodex, he can bring it to Malon, who asks to use it, as it will likely be of great assistance to her.[5] As thanks, Malon gives Link the Lon Lon Egg.[1]

The Lon Lon Egg can be used to continue the trading sequence. It can be traded to Maple, the Great Witch Syrup's apprentice.[3] Maple can be found flying around at certain trigger points in the overworld, and appears after Link has defeated 30 enemies, or 15 if Link is wearing the Maple's Ring. If Link bumps into Maple while in possession of the Lon Lon Egg, the egg falls out of Link's pocket, allowing Maple the chance to see it. If she does see it, she takes it, giving Link the Ghastly Doll in return.[6]



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